The Uncensored Story of Chanukah/Hanookah חנוכה

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

hanookah chanukah chanuka hanuka

The following is an World First Reveal thanks be to The One Infinite God. The following text is an English translation of a 1,747 year old Aramaic Manuscript of The Targum of Tanakh (The Transmitted Initial Meaning of Tanak (Holy Scriptures) - The Original 24 Books Signed & Sealed by the last living Prophets on earth). This text is labeled as "Additional Targum" to a verse in Sefer Zekharyah. But being so lengthy, it was decided to be placed separately at the end of the manuscript- while referenced in the exact location it is supposed to be in the verses of Zekharyah. While we read this very text of Sefer Zekharyah as the HaPhTarah (Section from the Prophets in Scripture) on Shabbat Chanukah, very few people ever get an opportunity to read even the extant Targum (Meaning) of that text & how much more so this following text- because this particular text had been censored and removed from our Tanakh & is not found anywhere else except this manuscript & on . This Targum Text meticulously details the story of Hanukah - & the Hashmonaim - The Family of The Big Kahuna / Highest Kohen Priest Family & how they were enabled Divinely to save Israel & impossibly eradicate The Greek Empire. That is why we say HaLeL: (Miderush Pesikta Rabbati Pticha)

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EXTRA TARGUM OF (THE VERSE) ’RONI VESIMCHI’ רני ושמחי "Illuminate & be happy/satisfied "

It was a distressful time during the reign of Antiochus son of Antiochus, King of the Greeks, who came out from Rome, & ruled 127 countries from the most eastern part of India, to the most western part of Africa. He conquered all fortified cities & villages & ruled by sea and land, controlling them completely.

He then turned his attention to Jerusalem and said to his supporters, “Did you not hear that there exists a nation, the Judahites, whose Torah (Light of Truth) is different than our truths & guides them towards customs and practices that are different from ours? Now come, let us subjugate them and wither away their Torah & their practice of Torah so that they will be like the rest of the 70 nations and the entire Earth will be one language and practice: that of the Greeks.”

He then sent Nicanor (Niqanor), one of his second in commands, and his large army to Jerusalem to enforce his will. They successfully entered the city and killed everyone they could find there. They threw the corpses into the heart of the city, and the wounded were sold into bondage in the outside marketplaces. All the special musical instruments that were used to spark prophecy were destroyed and removed from the Beit Hamikdash. The Korbanot of Olah (elevation "offering"), Minchah ("offering" of thanks), and other forms of "offerings" to Hashem were terminated.


After these horrific events, Yohanan, one of the sons of Matathyah was filled with a fiery rage and crafted himself an extremely sharp, double-sided blade. He equipped this dagger in a secret sheath on his left thigh underneath his royal garments. Yochanan arose and went to the entrance gate to Jerusalem to purposefully be captured by the Greek guards who then brought him before Nicanor.

Nicanor said to Yohanan: “From which of the nations are you?” Yohanan responds, “I am from the children of Matathyah, the rebels against the king, but I have come before you to do your will and the will of your king.” Nicanor answers, “The thing I ask of you is not difficult. Take this cup of wine and lift it up over this Farachah (idolatrous alter) that I built and you will be made to be like one of the king’s loved ones. You will ride on the king’s horses, & wear lavish royal clothes of his, and a gold necklace will be placed around your neck.”

Yochanan told Nicanor: Tell your men to exit the room so that they should not go and say to the Children of Israel that Yohanan, the son of Matathyah, lifted a cup of wine over this idolatrous alter. Nicanor obliged. When all the men left the room, Yochanan took the blade from his left side, took three steps, said three words (quick prayer), and stuck the blade in Nicanor’s heart, killing him. & On that day Yohanan killed 300 influential Greek officers & 3,000 officers under them, and they changed his name and gave him the nickname Meqanai. (“The one who is jealous for Me.”)


When Antiochus heard of what happened his fury increased. He sent Bagriis, another Second-to-the-king, to Jerusalem to exert his will. Bagriis and his army arrived in Jerusalem were able to enter with ease, & proceeded to kill everyone they could find there, and threw the corpses into the heart of the city. Those that were wounded were sold into bondage at the outside marketplaces. The Korbanoth of Olah, Minchah, and other "offerings" to Hashem were once again ceased.