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"Targum Onkelos is not only the first and most authoritative translation of the Bible; it is also an authoritative interpretation of the Bible. Shnaim Mikre opens Targum to enable the beginning student to distinguish between translations and interpretations;  I can think of no more important project than that of making Targum more accessible and teaching more students of the Bible to understand  the Aramaic. With best wishes"

- Rabbi Shelomoh Riskin (SHYVMH) 5775

"This is a very cool project;
It’s the ultimate Unkelos"

- Koren Publishers 5776


-HaGaon Rabbi Mosheh Yasgur (SHYVMH)

"A Game Changer."

(On The Redesigned Ahava=Echad Tehillim)

-HaGaon Rabbi Eli Mansour (SHYVMH)

"This is the nicest Tehillim

I have ever seen in my life"

-J via Rabbi Lopez (SHYVMH)

"Awesome! (="

Granddaughter of a prominent Rav in Israel

"Finally; Torah books in Their True Stunning Gorgeous Complete Form.

-Jacob - Student @ AhavaEchad Torah Art Academy

"This sefer can be a very useful tool for people learning Targum to help notice when the Targum deviates from the basic meaning. Without this sefer, one can easily gloss over what Targum is saying. I really appreciate how this color coded peirush acts as an awareness to focus in and concentrate when Targum is saying something. "

-Anonymous Rav & Family Shlit"a HYV 

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