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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

What is The Real Aleph Bet?

The Real Aleph Bet means the shapes of The Aleph Bet exactly as they appear scribed copied on an authentic Torah scroll. This script is called KeTaV Ashoorith The Script of Assurance (That HaShem is real & amazing & The Torah scribed with these 22 symbols of Truth- is True.)

What is Targum (Targoom)?

Targoom is the meaning of the Torah words explicitly. The inseparable partner to the Text of TaNaK.

What is Ahava=Echad mean?

Based on HaGaon Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan ZTVKL in the book Jewish Meditation. Ahava = 13 Echad = 13 - together 26 the value of HaShem - The Infinite. (FuturePresentPast//WillbeIsWas-allatthesametime.)

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