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Connect with The Infinite One's
BeAhavah Project

Experience the beauty of The Torah with a clear mind, revealing the proof of the existence of The Infinite One Creator, Whom loves you beyond, and wants only the best for you - Our Infinite Perfect Parents That Are One.

See for yourself.

Empty Classroom
Empty Classroom


There is a large segment of today’s population who feel disenfranchised from Torah-Judaism, and Spirituality – even those with Yeshivah educations.

The reason for this current reality is that the education system leaves students with many questions that should have been answered during their learning process. Kids feel forced to learn out of fear of failure rather than through the love, heart, and emotion that Torah education of the past provided.

Torah is fascinating; but if taught in a dull and rote way it can come off as a chore rather than a pleasure. By focusing on ancient yet overlooked knowledge, B-Ahavah creates content that sparks inspiration and leaves the viewer coming back for more.

Finally experiencing The Assurance & the trust in The Infinite One Creator, and experiencing Torah with love, frees us of the anxiety of the unknown and advances us into the light of HaShem’s Guiding Truth. 

Ktav Ashurith;
The Script Of Assurance.

The First Missing Rung of The ladder
To the entire system of Torah Education
restored & now perfected by 

using all The Masoretic Transmission

available to us today. 

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Empty Classroom

Targoom (Targum)
The Transmitted Initial meaning of Scripture.

The Second Missing Rung of The Ladder Of The Entire System Of Torah Education. Inseparable from the text - the meaning of the very words. 

The Name of The Infinite One (What The Tetragrammaton Depicts)
versus the vague translation "God" in every language. 

There is a lot to unpack, 

but step by step 

symbol by symbol

you will start to run 

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