Name - Aleph = Number  1


Number - 1

Sound - A

Themes - Oneness/Unity/Communication, Balance/Duality, God/Infinity, 

  • source of the greek Alpha. (the letter “A”)

  • ALooPH means commander/leader. 

  • In the most frequent verse
    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד
    Hashem the infinite being - is ONE:

  • the alef is comprised of 2 youds one yood above one yood below and a slanting vav/wow- yood 10 yood 10 and vav 6 = 26 which is HaShem The Name - the 4 symbol name meaning INFINITE yihiyeh will be hoveh is haya was - all at once beyond the universe) So the alef which is one - the first- deeper is 26 aka Hashem:

  • The alef also depicts unity: 2 becoming 1

As the kids teach us in the talmood- Alef means ALEF which is Learning together as one face to face Aka the highest level of learning: 2 yoods are like 2 souls- opposite the table learning Torah together as One face. Even if they are on opposite sides- 2 Dissenting opinions - they are still learning together in peace and harmony, in the pursuit of One goal (even though the arguments can get heated they love one another & talk out the ideas) (sages would specifically learn with someone that disagrees with them). The same applies when people talk politics or whatever other issue in todays age. 

  • That one thing is both opposites. Cant have one without the other. Everything has its flip side. Male and Female which come together to create Life. 2 Becoming 1

Everything is potential and can be flipped for good or evil which is where the swastika comes from. From a hindu symbol of balance they hijacked and corrupted.

This is the concept of Yin yang and the concept of balance.

(but not a perfect balance the scale always tips more to the good

The good is still more powerful that the evil)

-       Alef relates to a teaching via rabbi aryeh kaplan via baal shem tov everyone is like a mirror of yourself what you notice in others is something you are guilty of . because human beings relate other peoples experiences through their own aka story. 

- Understanding reality through its contrast. Duality etc


Name - Bet

Number - 2

Sound - B

Themes - Understanding, Creation,

  • The kids teach that Bet is Binah, meaning understanding. One of the ways to understand things is through contrast; Differentiating between two things. Between = Bein

  • Aleph (learn face to face the Torah) that begins with a symbol Bet for Bereisheath, meaning Creation.

  • The Bet is closed off on the right connoting progression, forward. The only thing before creation is One. One had to split into Two and thus….Genesis


Name - Gimmel + Dalet

Number - 3 + 4

Sound - G + D

Themes - Giving to the Needy, Goodness, Purpose (Why), Being Godlike, Conception, Three Forefathers and Four Foremothers

  • The kids teach Gimmel Dalet is Gimool Dalim (Give to those who lack). These two Ots symbolize the highest form of Charity…Why is the Gimmel extending it’s leg towards the Dalet? Because that is the ways of the giver, to run after the poor. The Gimmel is also comprised of a Yood and a Zayin which is 17, the Gamtria of Tov (Goodness) meaning that the Gimmel is giving out of kindness. Why is the Dalet pointing out towards the Gimmel? Because the one in need must make themselves available so the giver knows they're in need. What is the reason the face of the Dalet turns away from the Gimmel? To maintain the dignity of both parties meaning nobody is embarrassed and no one feels haughty. Gimmel is also numerically 3 which and charity is usually done through a third party. This s also an explanation for why Hashem said Tov twice on the 3rd day of Creation.

  • Gimmel + Dalet is the source for the word Hagadah which is one of the words for speak (Yisaper, Yomer, Yidaber) but this one in particular deals with giving over information to someone who is lacking.

  • Gimmel and Dalet spell out “God” and the relationship between the Otiot embody the purpose for God creating the world. To give out of love and the goodness of his/her “heart” even if the receiver doesn't realize it and can’t physically see the giver. This is why the world is called “olam” from the root word “alem” meaning “conceal”. God is so hidden many don't even think there is One.

  • This is our purpose, to be “Godlike”. To give and care for the ones in need out of love and care, not for a need to be recognized. God didn’t need to have us, God WANTED to have us. This is the same relationship parents have with kids and what is more Godlike than creating life? The 3 Avot “give” to the 4 Eemahot who then “deliver” the baby through their “doorway” aka Delet.


Name - Hey

Number - 5

Sound - H

Themes - Nature (How), Hand, Completion, Five Books of the Torah

  • Depicts Tzimtzum. God encompasses everything so in order to create this world, he needed to create a space/vessel/vaccum which was able to receive the ray of light aka the Yood which the Gimmel is handing to the Dalet. This is also the exact way in which children are birthed. The Dalet (4 Eemahot) delivers the upside down Yood (Baby). This is the ultimate act of nature on this planet. VaTeled is to give birth and backwards that is Dalet meaning the woman becomes a Dalet (the Door) alluding to post-partum depression.

  • The Hey symbolizes a hand in that we have 5 fingers, the Ot is comprised of a Yood and Dalet (Yad) which equals 14, which is the amount of philangees in each hand. The Kohanim blessing is 14 words and the 15th word is “Shalom”. Yad and Yad is 28 which is Koach meaning Strength. In addition, the universal symbol for “Stop” is putting up your hand, and the word for Stop in Hebrew, is Dai.

  • Continuing with the symbolization of nature, we have 5 senses in which to experience nature. Nature is Gods hand and the way we see that even more is that the Gematria of Eloh-im (The Creator) is the same as Hatevah (The Nature) = 86


Name - Vuv

Number - 6

Sound -  V + OO + OH

Themes - Connection, Sheesha Sidrei Mishnah

  • The physicality of the Ot is one of a hook or a bridge, meaning to connect. That is also the function of the Ot as it is used as the preposition “and” meaning to connect one thing to another. This can be seen in the Ot Aleph where the Vuv is connecting the two Yoods together from across the divide.

  • The Six Tractates of the Mishnah are the connection to the Torah, a further elaboration.


Name - Zayin

Number - 7

Sound - Z

Themes - Sustenance, Nourishment, Weaponry, Survival, Light

  • Zayin is the only Ot that when flipped,, looks exactly the same because it means sustenance but in complete opposite ways

  • The sound of Zayin is electricity, meaning sustenance

  • Movement = Zaz, Two zayins

  • Money = Zooz in Aramaic

  • Klei Zayin = Weapon. Weapons sustain us in war, the lowest form of sustenance. The shape from the top bottom up is an axe and from the top down is a sword.

  • The highest form of sustenance is giving life and Zayin means the male reproductive organ and is shaped like both the male and female reproductive organ

  • 7th day is Shabbat in which God rested, yet means sustenance

  • Zayin symbolizes using the full brain, both left and right, two Vavs back to back, perfecting yourself as an individual


Name- Chet

Number - 8

Sound - Ch

Themes - Marriage, Favor, Happiness

  • Chet is shaped like a doorway, and Chen means opening to your soul

  • The ultimate opening to another soul is marriage which is why it’s shaped like a Choopah in a Chatoonah.

  • The negative space is an aisle leading to the Choopah. Can also be seen as a Chatan in his Kittel

  • 8 is the supernatural and two people getting married leads to the most supernatural event in human existence


Name - Tet

Number - 9

Sound - T

Themes - Goodness, Pregnancy, Temptation

  • 9 is the months* (comes from the word moon) of pregnancy. In the negative space you will see a baby with an umbilical chord attached to the stomach.

  • Tet is Tov which is the ultimate goodness. Babies are the purest and most innocent creatures which is why we don’t baptize them. No original sin. Having children is the ultimate good

  • The Tet is in the shape of a snake. How can that be good? The Yezer Hara is good because according to the struggle is the reward. The ultimate good is the reward we get for the challenges in life that we overcome. Temptation can be good because that is what makes us want to be with the opposite sex and have children 


Name- Yood

Sound - Ye

Number - 10

Themes - Baby, Inheritance, Seed, Future, The Next World

  • Yood is the smallest Ot and is shaped like a seed, coming after Tet which is pregnancy

  • Yood is for Yerrosha which is inheritance and the source of the word Yerooshalayim. Babies are the ultimate embodiment of inheritance

  • Yood is always for the future (Yaaseh is To do). We use the yood for future actions

  • Hashem created the next world with Ot yood aka the future world


Name - Chuf

Sound - Ch + K

Number - 20

Themes - Parenting

  • Kuf is for Keter (Crown). The shape of the Kuf is a crown as well as a Kiseh = chair/throne

  • Ki means like and it’s parents who mold and raise their kids/prince(ss) “like” productive human beings

  • Kuf is a cup (kos) on its side which is how kings were anointed


Name - Lamed

Number - 30

Sound - L

Themes - Speech, Learning, Destination

  • Liolam Habah- To the next world. Li means to which is seen by the way the lamed is leaning forward

  • Lamed is speech and learning (lashon and lilmod) as in order to use the Ot, your tongue touches the roof of your mouth, the highest point.

  • Speech is one of our godly powers which is why Lamed is a Chuf and a Vav = 26

  • Speech is theoretical which is why the vuv is on top of the chuf


Name - Mem

Number - 40

Sound - M

Themes - Action, Open and Close/Apparent and Secret

  • Maamar Patooach and Maamar Satoom. Some information is easily accessible and some is secret and locked away

  • Mem is comprised of Chuf and a Vav = 26. Mem is for Maasim = actions which is one of our godly powers: To act with logic and reason. The Vav moves down to ground level as actions are no longer theoretical like speech but concrete and tangible.

  • Meh = from and when an action is done, someone is receiving something from someone else.

  • Mayim= Water which flows from the highest places to the lowest places which is Torah. Given after 40 days


Name - Noon

Number - 50

Sound - N

Themes - Humility, Trust

  • The Noon is on it’s knees towards the Melech

  • The Noon Sofit shows that the Noon who is humble, is actually tallest and greatest among us

  • Neeman and Emunah means trust and the Noon is the ultimate sign of trust

  • Naaseh and Nishma begin with Noon

  • Noon has to do with sound as there are 50 gates of understanding, in order to understand something you have to hear it from somewhere else. 


Name - Samech

Number - 60

Sound - S

Themes - Protection/Support

  • Somech means to uphold. The shape of the Ot shows a circle, surrounding.

  • Samech comes before Ayin so the kids say it symbolizes Somech Aniyim (Support the Poor)

  • Simanim aka Pneumonic tricks to help “the poor” in Torah learn the Torah

  • Resembles a shield/fortress that surrounds/supports the negative space connotating protection. 

  • Birkat Kohanim is 60 Otiot which support and uphold the Nation of Israel


Name - Ayin

Number - 70

Sound - A/I/E

Themes - Sight, Knowledge, Depth

  • Resembles the two hemispheres of the brain Zachar and Nikevah as it is composed of Noon and Zayin. This also symbolizes the combination of sight (Zayin) and Sound (Noon).

  • Ayin means “Eye” (source of the word eye) which gives us sight. We typically know something is real when we see it. Seeing is Believing/Knowledge...Daat

  • The Ot resembles the optic pathway to the brain

  • Leayen is to contemplate/meditate

  • The word for depth is Amok


Name - Peh

Number - 80

Sound - P/Ph

Themes - Happiness, Speech/Mouth, Listening/Ear 

  • Peh Patooach and Peh Satoom: There are times to open your mouth and times to listen

  • Peh means Mouth

  • There is a white letter Bet in the negative space of the Peh. This symbolizes the two interconnected rows of teeth that are in our mouth as well as God creating the world with speech (Bereishit)

  • Samech and Ayin which deal with sight come before Peh which deals with speech. Firs you see something, and then you say it.

  • Peh is often used in words that connotate and opening (Prichah, Petach, Pizzaza)

  • Two Pehs coming together create a white Aleph. WHen two people converse with their mouths, they create the symbol of communication and unity which is the Aleph. When two people kiss, they do the same thing. 


Name - Tzadi

Number - 90

Sound - Tz/C/S

Themes - Righteousness, Charity, Justice

  • Tzadi is comprised of a Noon and a Yood connoting extra humility. Extra humility is sharing the Torah through nothing but the want to make other people's lives better, not through self-righteousness.

  • Noon symbolizes the 50th day of the Omer (Shavuot) and the Yood symbolizes the Ten Comandments which were received on that day. Moshe was also the ultimate Anav aka Noon and he is holding up the Ten COmmandments

  • Giving Tzedakah is Tzodek aka what is just 


Name - Koof

Number - 100

Sound - K/Q

Themes - Holiness

  • Koof is for Kedusha. Composed of a Chuf and a Zayin. There are Seven levels below the Supernatural Infinite 8th level, which is the Chuf...God’s throne. The Zayin is below the “equator” connoting the distance.

  • Chuf and Zayin is 27 alluding to the holiness of the 27 Aleph Bet when including the Sofiot.

  • Kedusha is separation which is why Koof is one of only two Otiot which are separated. At the same time, Koof is Karov meaning closeness. When you separate yourself, you get closer.

  • Koof is looking away from the Reish because God cant contemplate wickedness. Rashi says what’s actually happening is the Reish turning away from the Koof. This relationship symbolizes “Kar” = coldness.

  • The crown on the Koof is tilting towards the Reish symbolizing that if the Rasha returns to God, he will tie him a crown just like his.

  • Koof symbolizes the Tefillin. The Chuf is the Keter of Shel Rosh and the Zayin is the 7 wraps of Shel Yad.

  • When Adam sinned, God placed his “kaf” meaning the Chuf and shrunk Adam (the Zayin) to 100 Amot which is equal to the value of Koof.

  • The negative space of the Koof leaves an opening high up to the left so that if the Reish wants to return, it will be easier for him.


Name - Reish

Number - 200

Sound - R

Themes - Misguided, Mercy

  • Reish symbolizes Rasha which on the surface is translated as “wicked” but can also be read as “Rash Ayin” meaning “lacking in sight” or misguided. This is why the Reish is looking away from the Koof

  • Reish also  symbolizes Rachamim meaning God will always forgive the Rasha if he/she does Teshuvah. Seeking Redemption and the Right to Return.

  • Reish is for Rakiyah meaning a firmament indicating the split between things


Name - Shin

Number - 300

Sound - SH/S

Themes - Lies, Brain

  • Shin is for Sheker meaning Lies. The Otiot of Sheker are right next to each other and out of order meaning it is easy to spot a lie. They also all dont stand on two feet and are wobbly meaning if one part of the lie fall apart, the entire story falls apart.

  • When people tell people to be quiet, they “shh” them because the sound of Shin is white noise meaning it is actually the loudest sound in order so everyone can hear to be quiet.

  • Shin has three parts symbolizing the Sechel, the Brain which has three parts. We use our brain to lie.

  • The Brain is used to house the entire Torah which is Male, Female and their connection which is why Shin is comprised of a Zayin, Noon, and Yood.

  • Zayin, Yood, and Noon spell out Zayin which means weapon. The negative space in the Shin shows an arrow and a cleaver meaning the most powerful weapon is the mind.

  • Shin is for Sharpening which is symbolized by the teeth-like structure of the Ot.


Name - Tuff

Number - 400

Sound - T

Themes - Truth

  • Emet Ends with a Tuff and the Otiot of Emet all stand on Two feet and are spread out evenly throughout the entire Aleph Bet. This shows that the Truth stands and that one must go searching for the Truth and it is not simply found.

  • The Torah is the ultimate Truth thus it begins with a Tuff. As does Tefillah and Teshuvah which leads back to God aka Alephh.

  • By splitting the Tuff down the middle, you get a Zayin and Noon symbolizing Male and Female.


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