49 days = The 49 levels of Holiness, Understanding, Light.

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The Day After Pesach we begin counting 7 weeks, 7 days per week, 7 x 7 = 49 days, leading to The 50th Day i.e. Shavuoth ((The Holiday of) "Weeks") - All The Weeks preparing for The giving of The Torahs - The Official Lights Of Wisdom Of The Infinite - to humanity. To use a Mashal/A Relatable Thing- The Maker Of The Video Game- Handed into the video game- the walkthrough guide to the game itself.

The Sages transmit that these 49 days are to elevate us level after level, after falling to nearly the 50th & lowest level in Egypt- death itself. (RMS via The Gra)

The Sages transmit (in several places in Torah)- that there are 49 levels of Binah- Understanding & opposite them are 49 levels of Not Understanding- (49 gates of defilement/darkness/death), to put it simply. Not understanding things- is a form of death; we ask why are these things happening to me/us/the world?? and we tune out immediately when we stop understanding- & conversely, understanding things, and especially how the world works, we are happier & wiser & know how it all works to better adjust to reality.

What are these 49 levels of understanding & not understanding? AhavaEchad presents an original solution to this often quoted teaching. The 49 Gates Of Understanding are The 49 Aleph Bet - Both Scripts. 27 symbols (22 + 5 final symbols) in The Script of Ashurith (The Script of Assurance) (exactly as scribed on a Torah scroll) & 22 in The Script of Ivri- Ancient Israel script seen in ancient artifacts.

Writing out the Aleph Bet from start to finish, breaking a line at every 7th symbol, we have 7 rows of Aleph Bet, each with 7 symbols on a line. We will explain we are counting up towards the Torah, and so we begin at the bottom left of all the symbols- X - Tav in Ktav Ivri- the symbol furthest away from The Symbol Aleph (Top Right) In Ktav Ashurith (The Script of The Torah as given at sinai).

The 2 Big Symbols at the top of the following poster represent 49 as they are the symbols mem- number value is מ = 40 and Teth- number value is ט = 9.

(See The Number chart at the end of this article.)

Here are 49 Gates of Understanding:


Now it becomes plausible "The 49 levels of Understanding" would be understanding all these 49 symbols, fully- meaning: understanding each of their unique- Names Sounds Forms/Shapes Meanings Number values Powers/Functions etc. & "The 49 levels of Not Understanding" - would be not understanding any of these 49 symbols- and never seeing them in their true forms, & never hearing what they mean.

Therefore, each of these 49 days is an opportunity to focus on a single symbol; to see it, hear it, study it, master it, & incorporate/connect it into our daily lives, see it/& its concepts in the world- continuing daily, until we learn all 49 symbols, so that we ready ourselves to directly- without translations (that cause everything to be lost)- receive The Torahs of The Infinite, as intended; exactly as was given at Sinai on The 50th Day of Exodus from Egypt.

Just knowing one symbol you can already say that you know one symbol of The Infinite's Torah Wisdom. Ktav Ivri will help English/Russian/Spanish readers read Hebrew almost instantly. (here is one video. turn up the volume)

To Use This 49 Gates chart:

Begin at the bottom left of the chart- at the symbol X marks the spot- the symbol Tav which means a futuristic-sign/symbol to be explained & is the source of the greek X = Chi & The English X (visually) & The Russian X cha- & audibly The Tav makes the sound of The first Symbol of it's Name Tav = a T/t sound. And in Ktav Ivri the Tav X is visually the english letter T/t on a tilt). So each day we move from left to right, then up one row & again left to right, repeating moving up- which is moving from the end of the Aleph Bet in Ivri- towards The Aleph on the top right- in Ktav Ashurith.

Each day we will at least learn the name and meaning of the shape of the symbols.

The Ktav Ivri symbols are based on the explanation by Michael Bernstein: Notes are added by AHAVAECHAD abbreviated as AE. Ktav Ashurith is by AhavaEchad in the name of The Sages to be quoted.

We begin at the bottom left of the chart- moving to the right, then we move up a row, going through 7 rows for the 7 weeks made of 7 days = 49 symbols

returning to The Aleph in Ktav Ashurith- symbolizing/alluding to HaShem.

-WEEK 1 (KTAV IVRI - source of Greek/Latin/Cyrillic English Russian scripts) Day 1 - Tav/tav 𐤕 means a mark of an X, as in X marks the spot. (Visually it is The source of the English t on a tilt. T / t - AE.)

Day 2 - SHin 𐤔 is shein (singular), shinayim (plural) - tooth/teeth. (Visually it is the source of the Russian ш with the same sound. But in English the source of the symbol W visually.)

Day 3 - Resh 𐤓 is a Rosh = head. Visually - head & neck. [note: over time, Resh & Daleth both came for a period to be written as a triangle with a trailing line/stem.] (It is the source of the English R/r backwards. - AE)

Day 4 - Q/qoph 𐤒 depicts a qoph, monkey; to be precise, it's branch-seated & its tail is hanging. (It is the source of the English Q/q visually & audibly.)

Day 5 - TZadi 𐤑 is a snare or a fish-hook, probably from TZad- to trap or catch/ensnare. (It's the source of the English t/s -AE.)

Day 6 - Peh 𐤐 is a Peh- mouth. Some scribes wrote Peh similar to Bei/Bet. (Source of the letter P in English- visually (by adding a small line to create a closed space) & audibly - AE).

Day 7 - Ayin 𐤏 visually is an Eye. (Eyin means Eye in Biblical Hebrew & Eyin is the source of the English word Eye & visually it is the simplest most minimalist drawing of an eye - a circle & is the source of the English O/o both visually & audibly. (Ayin makes Oh sound - AE.)


Day 8 - Samech 𐤎 is from the word Someikh, Lismokh, Supports/To Support. It either shows a table or some kind of support peg. (Source of English S/$ visually by adding 2 slight lines to create a squarish money symbol $ a small line from the top left line to the middle line, and another small line on the bottom right from the middle line to the bottom & you would get a squarish $ S shape -AE).

Day 9 - Noon 𐤍 is probably a Nahash, Serpent. (Fish in Aramaic - AE via Rabbi Trugman via Rabbi Ginsberg- Channels of Creative Conciseness) (Source of the English N/n in script & sound - visually & audibly -AE).

Day 10 - Mem 𐤌 is mayim. Water. Visually waves of the ocean. (Source of the English M/m in script & sound - AE).

Day 11 - Lamed 𐤋 is a Malmad, a cattle prod, a shepherd's crook. (Source of the English L in script & sound - AE).

Day 12 - Kaf 𐤊 is a hand/palm, spread fingers. like kaf the word. (visually a dog on its side - AE based on Badei HaARON) (Source of the English K/k in script & sound - AE).

Day 13 - Yod 𐤉 - Yad is a hand. (Source of the English J visually- Yerooshalem becomes Jerusalem - AE).

Day 14 - Tet 𐤈 is a wheel. (Egg fused with Sperm X DNA inside the circle -AE - Passover Hagadah- who knows 9?) (Source of T on a tilt. The Greeks didn't know what to do/how to use 2 T sounding symbols (Tav & Teth)- or their nuance difference in pronunciation, so they left one symbol- Tav - T - to be the only T sounding symbol, and The Tet which has an X in it- they didn't know what to use it for which is why X has weird uses. See Comedian Mitch Hedberg RIP joke about the letter X. lol.) (It is The Source of The English X - AE.)


Day 15 - Het 𐤇 is disputed as to whether it depicts a Hatzer courtyard, or not. Some claim it depicts a spool-or-something of thread, chut. (Parents embracing. In a variant shape looks more like a made-bed of a married couple - (Het for CHatoonah/Hatoonah/ Choopah/ Hoopah - AE.) (Source of the English H visually & Audibly as HHet is a more "throaty" sounding H.)

Day 16 - Zayin 𐤆 means weapon, & depicts a weapon-hilt. (Sword drawing from a sheath - AE.) (Source of The English Capital I with line at the top & bottom unlike this current font I which is just a straight line. & Source of the Name zAiiyin Aii I- AE.)

Day 17 - Vav/Wow 𐤅 is a hook. (& a support pillar - AE). (Visually & audibly the source of of the English Y/W - why -AE.)

Day 18 - HEH 𐤄 is a disputed glyph. (A rough sketch of a hand spread fingers - AE.) (It is the source of the English E visually & kind of audibly.)

Day 19 - Dalet 𐤃 is a Deleth- door. It's usually written as a triangle, representing a drawn-back tent-flap. (Source of the English D visually & audibly).

Day 20 - Gimmel 𐤂 is a Gamal - Camel- hump or neck & head. (Depicts a person Running & Giving -AE) (Source of The English G/C. Gamal - Camel - AE.)

Day 21 - Bet 𐤁 is a bayit, a house. Often drawn with a lower horizontal line. It's basically a doodle of a house or tent in a kid's drawing - square with a point top. (Source of The English B/b visually & audibly).


Day 22 - Aleph 𐤀 is an ox - side-on, with yoke. (or its ears - AE) (Source of English A on its side, visually & audibly. - AE.)

This is the reason the ABC's/Alphabet are in that order, because this is the order of The AlephBet. (Credit to Rabbi Zamir Cohen Shlit''a book HaTzophen for source of Ktav Ivri English and sources of English words.)

------- KTAV ASHURITH- THE SCRIPT OF THE TORAH- BEGINS: ------- FOR LEARNING THE NUMBER VALUES SEE THE END OF THIS ARTICLE. SINCE WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS WE ARE NOW- Beginning with the 5 final forms of 5 of the symbols In The Midrash Rabba Rooth- These 5 Extended Symbols allude to HaShem, and the 5 bent symbols allude to Mosheh (or flipped?) As Mosheh goes in the ways of HaShem The Most Humble Being Of All- Almost undetected to many.

& Rabbi Zamir Cohen in the name of The Sages transmit: these symbols allude to the final times.

Day 23 - TZaddi Straightened/Extended - This is hinting to the future when the world will see the true size/stature of The Tzaddiiq Righteous One who was so humble in this world. The bent Tzaddiq is a symbol scribed extra bent- teaching extra extra humility, and in the future HaShem The Infinite "straightens those bent". The world will see the true size of these spiritual good karma giants.

Day 24 - Peh Straightened/Extended - This is hinting in the future - When The Absolutely Silent Infinite God will Open up once again & speak to humanity again. It depicts an open mouth bottom jaw down and speaking. This can only happen when we close our Peh mouth (visually the bent peh) and listen to Wisdom with our ears- also in the shape of the symbol the bent Peh.

Day 25 - Noon Straightened/Extended - This is hinting in the future - When The world will see the true size of those who are trustworthy before The Infinite God. This is showing HaShem is Trustworthy Extended spanning existence sustaining The world.

Day 26 - Mem that is closed - this is a saying or teaching that is closed cryptic sealed and we need someone to explain it and open it for us. Mem depicts The Infinite God The Place of the universe- and God's mercy surrounding & protecting creating - what is inside the box.

Day 27 - Kaph that is Straightened/Extended - The Kids teach (Bavli Shabbat 104a HaTzophen 43:) The bent Kaph is a Crown & We know that This symbol Extended means "Yours" so in the future all humanity will Give God back the Crown & recognize God is The King of Kings- The Choice of Free People (RMS via RAK) The Creator of The Aleph Bet & therefore obviously/evidently the creator of The Universe.) All is God's. And God is Good, constantly giving generating the entire universe every single moment.)

Day 28 - Tav - The Symbol of Truth- as Truth Stands on 2 Legs while Sheker - lies do not stand (each symbol ends on a point & would fall if stood up). Tav means a futuristic sign/symbol. an Ot futuristic sign- saying what will happen in the future as the sign to confirm that these words are True/ Prophecy.


Day 29 -

Day 30 -

Day 31 -

Day 32 -

Day 33 -

Day 34 -

Day 35 -


Day 36 -

Day 37 -

Day 38 -

Day 39 -

Day 40 -

Day 41 -

Day 42 -

-WEEK 7 Day 43 -

Day 44 -

Day 45 -

Day 46 -

Day 47 -

Day 48 -

Day 49 -

50 UNDERSTANDING ALL THE ALEPH BET READY TO RECEIVE THE ENTIRE TORAHS TRANSMITTED THROUGH THESE 49 SYMBOLS/PICTURES/NAMES/MEANINGS/SOUNDS/STORIES/NUMBERS/FUNCTIONS/POWERS. We have full videos going through The 22 Keys To Life, that we refresh and record a new video every so often with the latest flow.


Here we will go through the Aleph Bet Number Chart as well-

The Aleph Bet Number Chart - can be downloaded here: Numbers 1 through 9 are the top row. RIGHT TO LEFT.

Begin on the top right- Aleph, 1 moving one to the left- Bet 2

moving to the left- Gimmel 3

moving to the left- Daleth 4

Hey 5 Vav/Wow 6 Zayin 7 Het 8 Tet 9

Numbers 10 through 90 are the middle row- RIGHT TO LEFT.

Beginning at the right-The smallest symbol Yood is 10 moving to the left- Kaph is 20 left of that - Lamed 30 left- Mem 40 Noon 50 Samech 60 Ayiin 70 Peh 80 Tzadi 90 Numbers 100 through 900 are the bottom row RIGHT TO LEFT.

Beginning at the right- qoph 100 left- Resh 200 left- Shin 300 Tav 400 In Ashurith script the 5 final symbols are added & can continue the numbering system- meaning these symbols can have 2 values. Their base value, and then when added to continue the numbering system- their hundreds value. The Kaph that is Extended (if scribed at the end of a word)- 500 The Mem that is Closed (if scribed at the end of a word)- 600

The Noon that is Extended (if scribed at the end of a word)- 700

The Peh that is Extended (if scribed at the end of a word)- 800

The Tzadi that is Extended (if scribed at the end of a word)- 900

Then back to The Symbol Aleph which also means ELePH - one thousand 1,000. The Aleph is therefore The First & Last The Least & The Greatest.


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