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49 days of "Omer" = The 49 Gates Of Understanding & Light = The 49 Symbols Of The Aleph-Bet[h].

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The Day After The First Night of Pesahh (Pesach) (Passover) - when we have now been freed from our personal Egypts & Matrixes by going Through The Transmitted Text of the HaGaDaH - The Text of the Telling & Informing Us - On How The Infinite One saved & will save again- Yiisrael (Israel) & all good people (who act on new (Ancient) Wisdom) - from all the absolutely impossible situations that they may find themselves in today.

The Day After This New Freedom - The Infinite One guided us in TaNaKh - Scripture- To begin counting these following days for 7 weeks straight - as scribed in TaNaKh- in just a few verses.

וספרתם לכם ממחרת השבת
Count for yourself (for your own benefit & elevation) from the day after the "Shabbath"

"Shabbath" - here - is referring to Pesahh (Passover) - as per The Transmission from Sinai.

Shabbath is Pessahh (Pesach - Passover) in this verse as The Sages transmit from Sinai- for it is The Great Shabbath = the day of cancelling & ceasing from slavitude & idolatry & openly destroying idolatries (that involve evil practices) together as one & freeing innocent people from the misery & depression of idolaty & follow & thrive with the Guide from The Infinite One.

As newly freed people

we begin to count each day - to value time & take control of our lives.

Slaves (different from servants) were not allowed to control their time & life & be taught to read & write & access wisdom & transmit messages to one another in code or secret - etcetera.

The Infinite One; The Merciful One; wanted to now prepare a slave nation to go from Zero 0 to Infinity. The Time allotted for that are exactly these 49 days = meant specifically for one thing - as we will now see.

7 weeks allotted before The Giving of The Torahs = The Auras (Lights) of Truth- That "Illuminate the universe like a massive torch in the darkness" (Mishlei Proverbs.)

7 weeks each made of 7 days - 7 x 7 = 49 days - These are The 49 days leading to The 50th Day "Shavuoth"- "Weeks" "Weeks" Meaning it is The Holiday Of All The Weeks Spent Preparing - Now Being Unleashed & Happening All At Once. It is A MosT (אמת) special day - (אמת = Emeth = Truth) containing the power of or the reward of these 7 Weeks we spent preparing for this finale/culmination called -

T h e S i n a i E x p e r i e n c e

& On The Eve of The 50th Day- since leaving Egypt- since being freed & exiting the matrix at night. The Infinite One Revealed & Gifted The Torahs To humanity who chose/ (& choose) = The Official Auras/Lights/Guides Of Wisdom & Truth - with messages for all humanity - Spoken Wisdom & Copied/Scribed Wisdom before the eyes of millions of people in the universally recognizable script of The Infinite One The stunning Torah script of Assurance - (& Ivrii when they made the golden calf) (Bavli Sanhedrin 11a.) Assuring All - Authenticity.

The Aleph Bet Signs/Symbols/Pictures are universally recognizable - meant to be understood by all

(easy for kids to instantly learn) -

like a stop-sign on the road -

is understood & known to all.

The same & more with The Symbols of The Aleph Beth - there is a unity symbol 1 א - Aleph a division symbol 2 ב - Beth a giving symbol 3 ג - Jimmel/Gimmel a lacking symbol 4 ד - Daleth etcetera. (& infinitely more than that of course; that is just on a surface level.)

all meant for kids first beginning to speak; meant to be easily understood by all.

This holy day Shavuoth- Weeks - The Day of The Gifting of The Torahs- is also "coincidentally" the birthday

of David HaMeLeKh- David The King (The Mashiach..) Now,

to try to put The Sinai Experience in perspective to understand the magnitude of This One of a Kind Day,

That changed the world forever- The Torah Sinai Experience given with Fire & lightning & thunder & sirens - we will use a Mashal/A Metaphor-

A Relatable Thing:

The Maker Of The ENTIRE VideoGame- "REACHED IN" & Handed into the videogame- The Walkthrough Guide & "FUN-NESS" & "HACKS" INto the game itself- & DIRECTLY - FACE TO FACE INTO THE HANDS OF HEROS OF THE GAME. IN FULL EXPLICIT DETAIL; IN BRILLIANT ILLUMINATING CLARITY. _ [ALL Written in THE Alien Code; Scribed with the 22 + 5 Special Symbols of Biblical Hebrew] ALL TRANSMITTED & ASSURED FROM SINAI - AHAVA=ECHAD

As we shall see & begin to master in depth momentarily...


The Sages further transmit that these 49 days are to elevate ourselves level after level, after falling to nearly the 50th & lowest level in Mitzrayim "Egypt" ("Distresses")- to {spiritual} death itself. (R.M.S. via The G.R.A.)

The Sages transmit separately (in several places throughout the entire system of Torah)- that there are also 49 levels of Binah- "Full-Understanding"...Mosheh (Moses) the humblest person - from before every other person & creature - reached The 50th Gate of Understanding. So because there are 49 "known" Gates of Understanding, Holiness, Life - 49 Lights in the dark universe = The 49 Symbols of The Infinite One - the 49 keys to accessing all the needed beneficial pleasurable information in this universe

The Rule Of "Opposites" The Balance of Life - (Qoheleth/Ecclesiastes) - Opposite these 49 gates - or lack of these 49 openings - must be the 49 gates or levels of empty spaces - void of the 49 symbols -

49 levels of Not Understanding- 49 gates of confusion pain / defilement /darkness / death - Infinite One forbid. (God forbid). Being locked out of the symbols

one is locked out of The Infinite ONE's Actual Healing Information Entirely Lost In Translation

to every other Language & Script.

Not understanding things is also form of death; We ask a pained sounding - why? why?? Why are these things happening- to me? us? the world? & we tune out immediately when we stop understanding something... & conversely when we do understand things & especially how the real worlds* work, we are much happier & wiser - assured -

The Infinite ONE Is so Amazing Beautiful Good All built into reality- & live with Assurance from The Infinite One. In The Script of The Infinite One. & when we all will know how it all functions- & naturally adjust to reality all the best blessings & everything else beyond flows so perfectly beautifully naturally from there.

So what exactly are these 49 gates or levels of understanding (& not understanding)? presents an original solution to this often quoted teaching-

The 49 Gates Of Understanding are The 49 Symbols of The Aleph Bet - Both Scripts OF HEBREW- Together.

27 Symbols = 22 + 5 in The Holy Divine Script of Torah called Ketav Ashurith - The Script of Assurance & 22 symbols in Ketav Ivri the for-everyday-use script The Script of The Ivriim- "The Other-Siders" - to be explained - Which does not have the 5 final form changes of the symbols םןץףך like The Holy Torah Script of Assurance.) 27 + 22 = 49.


This is another or the main message of The HaGaDaH itself - for the text culminates by 4 or 6 "songs" composed by the sages themselves - teaching us The Aleph Bet of HaShem.

The Entire "Culmination" of The HaGaDaH is a hyperfocus on The Aleph Bet Symbols of HaShem.

Each Song begins with or utilizes The Holy Acrostic of The Aleph Bet in Order -

From Aleph 1 to Tavv (Taw) 400 -

which is not just a nice easy way to remember things- but The Secrets Of Each Symbol now being demonstrated

& used in different contexts to show us their functions

& teach about it & what it represents.

Then The HaGaDaH continues & tells us & shows us that- The Symbols of The Aleph Beth- are not only pictures & sounds

but numbers as well -

Who Knows 1 א ONE? אחד מי יודע? א Who knows what the symbol Aleph א in Ashurith א represents? It It represents The Infinite One - The Infinite One Being - That is beyond the heavens & fills the earth - filling all existence spanning out in all directions א (-HRZCsh). Now after being freed from "Egypt"/The Matrix

we are beginning to relearn The Code Of Creation- Just as The HaGaDaH leaves us off Starting to [re]Learn The Aleph Beth another clue for what to do

during these 49 powerful days & the numbers align perfectly.

Now to explain The 2 Scripts we have-

Sroll down for the explanations of the symbols & numbers of the symbols.

The Torah Script of Assurance- called KeTaV Ashurith- The Script of Ashurith - The Script of Assurance. It is called The Script of Assurance (Bavli Sanhedrin 11a) because it is the very script & evidence of not just "a 'god'"- but The Infinite Alien Brilliant Creative ONE- tangible evidence that we have on earth right now -

that you can point to that ensures & assures all- That The Infinite ONE is real & beyond Amazing & Good The Creator Of All Reality & Giver of The Torah for both are made with these symbols shapes concepts etcetera & not any angry single male zues type god . but the most humble patient being that is incomprehensible. & no human being made these symbols of course- the very symbols that our reality is made with... evident before all (upon brief examination & study)...

these are the building blocks of creation- the foundational principles of existence.

Clearly Evident - only when finally seen exactly as perfectly copied & scribed directly from a real scroll of Torah on parchment - exactly as copied from Sinai symbol by symbol by master scribes. Using special black ink on white parchment of kosher animals.

Because this script is so "Holy" Alien, Infinitely Deep & Divine- the symbols contain Divinity & Holiness - it is treated extremely special. All rise before a Torah Scroll into the room - & if the parchment containing this script can not be repaired-

it is properly buried in the ground.

So in order to be able to write regular letters

& make coins & street signs & notes & packages

that could be thrown out if needed-

the "lesser holy" more physical oriented script called Ketav Ivri was used- The Script of "The Other-Siders" to be explained momentarily- which is only the 22 base symbols -

without any of the 5 special final forms for מנצפכ םןץףך).

It is also able to be written with lines as ashurith are 3d shapes

that one can not make with a pen only a thick quill. (That is why coins bear this script. street signs made with these symbols.)

& counter to what is taught - That is why The Yisraeli Scribes of some of The Dead Sea Scrolls- such as in The Yeshayah Scroll (The Great Isaiah Scroll) Wrote The TetraGrammaton in Ktav Ivri - the lesser holy script - incase anything were to happen to the scrolls- they do not contain The TetraGrammaton- God's 4 Symbol Name in "Ashurith" - The Torah Script of Assurance & therefore does not possess the same level of holiness. - for the scribed of the dead sea scrolls were under pressure & were rushed to just create a backup of the entire Torah in a rushed fashion- & they did not know what would happen to those just incase... That is not to say that Ktav Ivri

The everyday use script does not teach many things

& enable us to read all languages...

It is just not to be concerned over as much - should anything happen to this text.

"KTAV IVRI" There are several meanings for Ktav Ivri to be called Ivri specifically.

The First is because this script was ensured from עבר EBHER (EVER) SON OF SHEM (aka MALKITZEDEQ) SON OF NOAH & NAAMAH. Who preserved it after The Flood. Who preserved it after The Dispersion.

& Transmitted it to Abhraham & Sarah Who Taught the entire world as far as they could. So it is also called עברי Ivri - from the word עובר OBHER means To Go OVER there - so the ones who went to the other side- or "The Other-Sider's Script". also referring to Abhraham (Abraham) & Sarah & To the Men & Women who went with them of the time - who WENT OVER THE EUPHRATES RIVER from present day IRAN into IRAQ now walking towards Israel re-propagating this Script on earth. after the flood thanks to MalkiTzedeq "My King Is Righteousness" a.k.a. SheM - The Great = Son of Noah & Naamah. He transmitted all of it to his Son EBHER (EVER) from OBR OVER Source of The Word HEBREW. who ensured it would be transmitted onward continuing Biblical Hebrew after the flood & Special Heavily accented Hebrew called "Aramaic". & he had to continue it after the dispersion of the human family - due to the misguided rebellious generation of The Tower of Babel...

once again ensuring it would never be forgotten & taught it to Abhraham to transmit it onwards.

The Infinite One decayed The Language = Biblical Hebrew - in 70 special ways/heavy accents & word flips so no one could understand each other immediately anymore and from there stem all the languages on earth today. See Rabbi Isaac Mosenson for more.


Ivri script is also a pictorial script & on the surface - seems to be very physical based- physical objects you can point to with your finger or demonstrate - & ultra easy to show kids & all people.

Ktav Ashuri is Infinite symbols that keep melting/morphing into everything they depict & are not locked into one or two things & depict concepts & actions more than just physical objects. no human made this script we will conclude after we go through the symbols with their transmitted meanings.

Also Ktav Ivri may be way deeper than presented in the world - For as Rashi quotes The Sages- who transmit -

EBHER (Ever) was a giant prophet in his own right -

That is why he named his son "PeLeG" - which means to split - Foreseeing humanity splitting (an unbelievable event) at The Tower of Babel. & there is a verse in psalms that helps demonstrate just how far reaching The prophet EBHER was - choosing to make a young bull's head shape instead of The Aleph In Ktav Ashurith - foreseeing the Golden calf tragedy. Trading The Infinite One as it were - for a young bull. so there is tremendous depth to this script as well & opens many doors as well. & That is why it is both scripts together 22+5 + 22 needed for the full effects BH.

Here are the 49 Gates of Understanding-

The Symbols of The Aleph Bet In Both needed Scripts together.

& Now we begin to explain the poster & each symbol from the bottom left of the poster - upward - rising the 7 levels - 7 weeks - 49 days.

See Below the image for the continuation of the explanation how to use this poster.

The two large symbols centered at the top-

scanned from right to left is The open Mem מ which numerically is 40 & the symbol TTeTT ט (deep T sound) which numerically is 9 (see end of this article for The Aleph Bet Number Chart Poster walkthrough). So together the symbol Mem מ 40

& the symbol ט TTETT 9 = מט = 49.

(The Absolute efficiency of Hebrew will also become more & more apparent to those who keep examining it. More on this in a future article. The Symbols are numbers as well pictures & all information is linked...) So Here are The 49 Gates- Right To Left. The real flow of things- The Direction of The Original Bible- That begins with a Big Symbol Bet ב a closed braquette ב } ] ) open to the left - showing everything moves from right to left. It is the world that is backwards until we flip back to reality. Each of the 49 Aleph Bet parallel these 49 days,

So to write the poster out we begin at the top right, א The symbol Aleph # 1 in Ashurith - we continue scribing the first 7 symbols then breaking the line - having 7 symbols represent each of the 7 days per week, & continue with week 2 et cetera till we finish the Ashurith Script - The 22 base symbols - then followed by the extra 5 special final forms - after that we begin Ktav Ivri- the Aleph Bet symbols of The Script of Ktav Ivri- The Everyday Aleph Bet Script - which will look familiar to most people because it is in fact the source of the Greek/Latin/Cyrillic English Russian scripts - more on that soon. At the very Top - we begin with the Script Of The Beginning-

At The Beginning of Creation - Ashurith- the 27 symbols & concepts

that the entire universe is created with/built with as we will behold. To quickly explain- Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan via The Maggid of Mezritch - transmits - On the first verse of scripture in The Original Biblical Hebrew- בראשית ברא אלקים את השמים ואת הארץ In the Beginning of [Everything] The All Powerful created ETh את - This 2 symbol word is spelled

using an Aleph the 1st symbol

& Tav is the last symbol

of The entire Aleph Bet-

meaning before creating everything else-

The Infinite created את ETh = The Symbols of The Aleph Beth (The Code of Creation before coding) from א Aleph Till ת Tav- The 22 Building blocks of reality- Imbuing each one with unique names, powers, numbers, functions, sounds, stories, teachings, et cetera then combining them by speaking them together - in a specific sequence & coding for the thing itself - When The Infinite SPEAKS & codes & combines these symbols into sequences - The Infinite codes & creates & generates all reality with these 22 building blocks. That is where Abra Cadabra comes from. - אבראה כאדברה EV'RAH KE'A'Da'BERAH- I WILL CREATE PLEASE AS I WILL SPEAK PLEASE . To continue the teaching if we at AhavaEchad may- את השמים Eth HaShamayim - The Aleph Bet From Aleph Till Tavv - of The Heavens את הארץ Eth HaAaReTz - The Aleph Bet From Aleph Till Tavv- of The Earth.

The Aleph Bet Symbols of The Heavens is Ketav Ashurith -

The Symbols of The Torah called Shamayim = Heavens. & The Aleph Bet Symbols of The Earth is Ketav Ivri - The earthly symbols which are really locked into a few things unlike Ashurith which are Infinitely deep symbols. These symbols are what children first begin learning when they begin making sounds- (Miderush Siphrei) & they are the very things The Greatest Mystics occupy in Night & Day. That is why people may think Aleph Beth talk is from Kabbalah used to mean From The Mystical Tradition- but that is only half true. Yes these building blocks are discussed in The Mystical Tradition but they are discussed firstly in The various Miderushim MetaData Transmissions from Sinai - & in Talmoodim- the recorded codified learning processes of the sages exiled to babylon & Israel. The Aleph Bet have their entry levels that are meant for every single one of us & occompany us throughout the entire system of Torah & discussed at the highest levels. The Most Down to earth thing whose "head reaches the heavens". More than that- Really The First Part of Receiving the entire Torah on The 50th day - is explicitly stated & revealed that it is first receiving The Entire Aleph Bet as in the verse in Shir HaShirim Song of Songs- ונשמחה בך "We will be happy in YOU 22 - the word for you in hebrew numerically is 22- & here The Great Tannaic Sage Rav Yosseph Sagii Nahor - "Too much Light" - Transmitter, Ensurer of The Targum- The Meaning of The Prophetic Writings Section of Scripture explains- We will be happy- & cleansed internally from all fears mistaken ideas in YOU in the 22 symbols of the aleph bet That Your entire Torahs are given with & transmitted in (Shir HaShirim Targum verse 4). (See our series on youtube the most essential sources for every beginner to go more in depth about this). So each of these 49 days we will occupy in one of the symbols of the Aleph Bet. See End of this article. Now back to the poster to learn how we are just visualizing the 7 weeks - laying out the lesson plan for these 49 days.

Download (To Read Biblical Hebrew Scan from Right to Left) We see that we have 7 rows of Aleph Bet, each with 7 symbols on a line.

Now, because we are counting from lowest level- rising upward from the mundane to The Holy-

we are explaining that using this chart we are counting from the bottom left- upwards towards the Torah at The Top Right. When we wrote it out it was from above right to left. but now that we need to ascend back to the high levels where we started we are looking at the very bottom left of the chart- the most distanced of all the symbols- Which is The symbol Tav- in The Ivri Script- which looks like an ex (we shall see why) - X - & this is where "X marks the spot" comes from - for The symbol Tav literally means "a sign of some kind" - to signify something to someone...(more on this below). Tav as we know is already the last symbol of the Aleph Bet- & here it is a total step down for it is in Ktav Ivri - making it the symbol furthest away from The Symbol Aleph (Top Right of The Poster) In Ktav Ashurith - The Holy Script The Torah as copied & given with at Sinai before millions of free people. As mentioned at the very top of the poster - The 2 Big Symbols at the top of the following poster represent the number 49 as they are the symbols mem מ = 40 & Teth- number value is ט = 9. (See The Number chart at the end of this article.)

Here are 49 Gates of Understanding 7 rows 7 weeks 49 symbols in order:

Now it becomes plausible "The 49 levels of Understanding" would be understanding fully all these 49 symbols. meaning: fully understanding each of their unique-

Names/Meanings, Forms/Shapes, Sounds/Stories, , Unique Number values, Special Abilities or Powers/Functions,

Deeper breakdowns of The Symbols, etc. & "The 49 levels of Not Understanding" - leading to death - being cut off from all wisdom- God forbid - would be not understanding any of these 49 symbols- & never seeing them in their true forms, & never hearing what they mean (Has Weshalom* - *separate article.) This is the very reason for the founding of to make sure this does not continue like this, & to make sure we all get the real symbols & learn what they mean & acquire the most essential tools that we need to use throughout life.

Therefore, each of these 49 days is an opportunity to focus on a single symbol; to finally see it up close in high definition, & hear it enunciated correctly, & absorb it, master it, & incorporate/connect it into our daily lives, & see it/& its concepts in the world... & to continue daily step by step, until we learn all 49 symbols, & now finally ready ourselves to directly- & without translation- (that causes everything to be lost)- finally receive The Torahs of The Infinite, as intended- exactly as was given at Sinai- In Ashurith - on The 50th Day of Exodus from Egypt Before millions of free people- in The Evident (universally recognized before all) symbols of The Infinite ONE.

Just knowing even one symbol you can already say that you know one symbol of The Infinite's Torah Wisdom. Also English & Russian & other cyrillic-script-users, & more- will be enabled to begin to read Ivri in just a few minutes for Ktav Ivri is the source of all our scripts we use today like English/Russian/Spanish...therefore, we will be able to read This Ancient Hebrew Script almost instantly. See for yourself- (here is one video. turn up the volume & stay tuned till the end of this article- where we go though each symbol.)

Let us together learn the real symbols of Hebrew- The Source of all symbols on earth influenced from here- & the reason the A B C 's are in that order. & Let us explain how To Use This 49 Gates chart from the bottom up.

Begin at the bottom left of the chart- at the symbol X marks the spot- the symbol Tav. Each symbol means something. & is not just a little squiggle to represent a sound. as we mentioned Tav means "a sign" & we shall see the verse quoted below. So each day we are moving from the lowest most distanced level to the highest & holiest- so we are moving from left to right, then up one row & then again left to right, & up- repeating this process- moving from the symbol Tav the last symbol of the Aleph Bet in The Ivri Script- up towards The Aleph on the top right- in Ktav Ashurith.

(Ivri means "other side" script. The Script of The Other Siders - Abraham & Sarah who crossed to the other side of The River PRAT - EuPhRATes & Propagated the language & script as they moved about the earth- 600 years before the phoenicians (Raziel) Abraham taught the Men & Sarah taught the women- all via MalkiTzedeq aka Shem son of Noah & Naamah. The entire region knew the symbols of IVRI The Other Siders.).

Each day we will learn the name & meaning of the shape of the symbols.

The Ktav Ivri symbols are based on the explanation by MB whose father is an expert in the matter - to give credit where credit is due. Additional Notes are added by AHAVA=ECHAD abbreviated as -AE. The Ktav Ashurith Font & The Ivri Font is by Ahava=Echad in the name of The Sages to be quoted.

We begin at the bottom left of the chart- moving to the right, then we move up a row, going through 7 rows for the 7 weeks made of 7 days = 49 symbols, leading up to / returning to The Symbol Aleph in Ktav Ashurith- symbolizing/alluding to HaShem in every possible way- as we will see with the help of The Infinite ONE.

---WEEK 1--- (KTAV IVRI THE "IVRI" SCRIPT- THE "OTHER SIDER" SCRIPT - The Source Of The Greek/Latin/Cyrillic English Russian scripts)

Day 1 - Tav/tav 𐤕 means a sign- a street sign- a pole in the ground - with a horizontal street name or sign. Source of English T. Some fonts have it looking more tilted like the english X - It is the mark of an X, as in X marks the spot. Visually it is The source of the English t on a tilt/on its side. x = t / T / t - AE.) (Tav is a sign as in the verses that in the future The Infinite ONE will put a Tav- A Sign on the foreheads of the righteous & on the foreheads of the wicked (for different reasons...)). It is the source of the greek X = Chi & The English X (visually) & The Russian X cha visually; But Audibly- The Tav makes a T sound (The name of each symbol tells you the sound it makes Tav = T.) The first Symbol of its name Tav is a T/t sound. it is a sign post/street sign (-AE) one vertical pole in the ground and the name of the street or sign horizontal.

Day 2 - SHin 𐤔 is shein (singular), shinayim (plural) - tooth/teeth. (Visually 2 sets of fangs or Teeth- it is the source of the Russian ш with the same sound. But in English the source of the symbol W visually.) (You need shinayin- teeth to pronounce shin- visually shen- a tooth). Shinoon - sharpening - repeating at least twice...the more the sharper...

Day 3 - Resh 𐤓 is a Rosh = a Head. Visually - the head & neck. [note: over time, Resh & Daleth both came for a period to be written as a triangle with a trailing line/stem. -MB]. (It is the source of the English R/r backwards. - AE the symbol vav in ashurith depicts this & shows the link of a Resh and Wow & Yood.)

Day 4 - Q/qoph 𐤒 depicts a qoph = monkey; to be precise, it's branch-seated & its tail is hanging. (It is the source of the English Q/q visually & audibly.) others say

Day 5 - TZadi 𐤑 is a snare or a fish-hook, probably from TZad- to trap or catch/ensnare. (fishing pole. It's the source of the English t+s "tsadi"-AE.)

Day 6 - Peh 𐤐 is a Peh- mouth. (side view pacman style -AE) Some scribes wrote Peh similar to Bei/Bet. (They indeed are linked.) (Source of the letter P/F in English- visually (by adding a small line (to create a closed space)) & audibly - AE).

Day 7 - Ayin 𐤏 visually is an Eye. (Eyin means Eye in Biblical Hebrew & Eyin is the source of the English word Eye & visually it is the simplest most minimalist drawing of an eye - a circle & is the source of the English O/o both visually & audibly. (Ayin makes Oh sound - AE.)


Day 8 - Samech 𐤎 is from the word Someikh (Supports/Supporter), Lismokh = To Support. It either shows a table or some kind of support peg. (Looks like 6 people catching someone in the middle-AE) (Looks like the spine - erez) It is the Source of English letter S/$ visually by adding 2 slight lines to create a squarish money $ymbol $ a $mall line from the top left line to the middle line, and another $mall line on the bottom right from the middle line to the bottom & you would get a $quarish $ S shape for brevity they dropped the line striking through -AE).

Day 9 - Noon 𐤍 is probably a Nahash, Serpent. (Noon is Fish in Aramaic - AE via Rabbi Trugman via Rabbi Ginsberg- Channels of Creative Conciseness) (Source of the English N/n in script & sound - visually & audibly -AE). (God is kind & first created the water then the fish but we are counting backwards up to One).

Day 10 - Mem 𐤌 is mayim = Water & maya water in aramaic. Visually the waves of the ocean. (that stem from beneath the earth- & waves generated from beneath the earth (explaining the line down in this particular font of M. (Source of the English W & M/m in script & M in sound - AE).

Day 11 - Lamed 𐤋 is a Malmad, a cattle prod, a shepherd's crook. (Source of the English L in script & sound - AE).

Day 12 - Kaf 𐤊 is a hand/palm, spread fingers. like kaf the word. (also visually a dog on its side arial view- the head top right down to long tail and its front and back paws to the side- AE. based on the manuscript of Badei HaARON – Rabbi Shem Tov ben Avraham Gaon's hand writing & drawing sketch of a Dog using the symbols.) (Source of the English K/k in script & sound - AE).

Day 13 - Yod 𐤉 - Yad is a hand. Ariel view of Hand cupping with the forearm and elbow & bicep (Source of the English J visually- Yerooshalem becomes Jerusalem - AE).

Day 14 - Tet 𐤈 is a wheel. (The Original Peace Symbol -AE) (also Egg fused with Sperm X DNA inside the circle -AE - Passover Hagadah- who knows 9?) (it too is the Source of T on a tilt but enclosed in a protective circle...Therefore Greeks didn't know what to do/how to use 2 T sounding symbols (Tav & Teth)- or their nuance difference in pronunciation, so they left one symbol- Tav - T - to be the only T sounding symbol, and The Tet which has an X in it- they didn't know what to use it for which is why X has weird uses. See Comedian Mitch Hedberg RIP joke about the letter X. lol.) (It is The Source of The English X - AE.)


Day 15 - HHet 𐤇 (Throaty HH sound) is disputed - depicts a Hatzer courtyard - depicts a spool-or-something of thread - hhooth. (Parents embracing. In a variant shape looks more like a made-bed of a married couple - (Het for HHatoonah (Chatuna) HHoopah (Choopah) Wedding Canopy - & a HHalon = window AE.) (Source of the English H visually & Audibly as HHet is a more "throaty" sounding H.)

Day 16 - Zayin 𐤆 means weapon, & depicts a weapon-hilt. (Sword drawing from a sheath - AE.) (Source of The English Capital I with line at the top & bottom unlike this current font I which is just a straight line. & Source of the Name zAiiyin Aii I- AE.)

Day 17 - Vav/Wow 𐤅 is a hook. (& a support pillar - AE). (Visually & audibly the source of of the English Y/W - why -AE.)

Day 18 - HEH 𐤄 is a disputed glyph. (A rough sketch of a hand spread fingers - AE.) (It is the source of the English E visually & kind of audibly.)

Day 19 - Dalet 𐤃 is a Deleth- door. It's usually written as a triangle, representing a drawn-back tent-flap. (Source of the English D visually & audibly).

Day 20 - Gimmel 𐤂 is a Gamal - Camel- hump or neck & head. (Depicts a person Running & Giving -AE) (Source of The English G/C. Gamal - Camel - AE.)

Day 21 - Bet 𐤁 is a bayit, a house. Often drawn with a lower horizontal line. It's basically a doodle of a house or tent in a kid's drawing - square with a point top. (Source of The English B/b visually & audibly).


Day 22 - Aleph 𐤀 is an ox - side-on, with yoke. (or its ears - AE) (Source of English A on its side, visually & audibly. - AE.)

This is the reason the ABC's (The "Alphabet" ALEPH BET are in that order. FOR this is the order of The Infinite ONE's Aleph Bet Symbols.

(Credit to Rabbi Zamir Cohen Shlit''a book HaTzophen for source of Ktav Ivri English and sources of English words.)

------- KTAV ASHURITH- THE SCRIPT OF THE TORAH- BEGINS: ------- (FOR LEARNING THE NUMBER VALUES SEE THE END OF THIS ARTICLE.) SINCE WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS WE ARE NOW Beginning with the 5 final forms of 5 symbols The Torah Aleph Bet. In The Miderush- (The Transmitted MetaData of Scripture from Sinai)- called Miderush Rabbah - "The Great Transmitted MetaData of Scripture from Sinai" (Rabbah is "Great/Awesome" in Aramaic) on the book of Rooth- The Sages transmit that these 5 Final Forms of these 5 Symbols allude to HaShem, & the 5 bent symbols allude to Mosheh (or flipped?) As Mosheh goes in the ways of HaShem- The Most Humble Being Of All- Almost undetected to many. & Rabbi Zamir Cohen in the name of The Sages transmit: these symbols additionally allude to the final times.

Day 23 - TZaddi Straightened/Extended - This is hinting to the future when the world will see the true size/stature of The Tzaddiiq Righteous One who was so humble in this world. The bent Tzaddiq is a symbol scribed extra bent- teaching extra extra humility, and in the future HaShem The Infinite "straightens those bent". The world will see the true size of these spiritual good karma giants.

Day 24 - Peh Straightened/Extended - This is hinting in the future - When The Absolutely Silent Infinite God will Open up once again & speak to humanity again. It depicts an open mouth bottom jaw down and speaking. This can only happen when we close our Peh mouth (visually the bent peh) and listen to Wisdom with our ears- also in the shape of the symbol the bent Peh.

Day 25 - Noon Straightened/Extended - This is hinting in the future - When The world will see the true size of those who are trustworthy before The Infinite God. This is showing HaShem is Trustworthy Extended spanning existence sustaining The world.

Day 26 - Mem that is closed - this is a saying or teaching that is closed cryptic sealed and we need someone to explain it and open it for us. Mem depicts The Infinite God The Place of the universe- and God's mercy surrounding & protecting creating - what is inside the box.

Day 27 - Kaph that is Straightened/Extended - The Kids teach (Bavli Shabbat 104a HaTzophen 43:) The bent Kaph is a Crown & We know that This symbol Extended means "Yours" so in the future all humanity will Give God back the Crown & recognize God is The King of Kings- The Choice of Free People (RMS via RAK) The Creator of The Aleph Bet & therefore obviously/evidently the creator of The Universe.) All is God's. And God is Good, constantly giving generating the entire universe every single moment.)

Day 28 - Tav - The Symbol of Truth- as Truth Stands on 2 Legs while Sheker - lies do not stand (each symbol ends on a point & would fall if stood up). Tav means a futuristic sign/symbol. an Ot futuristic sign- saying what will happen in the future as the sign to confirm that these words are True/ Prophecy.


Day 29 - Shin ש Sheker Lies Stands on one leg

Day 30 - Reish ר - visually leaps away or towards God to become Righteous

Day 31 - Qoph - ק visually open to the Reish to repent. Represents The Infinite ONE above the throne כ above the seven heavens ז.

Day 32 -

Day 33 -

Day 34 -

Day 35 -


Day 36 -

Day 37 -

Day 38 -

Day 39 -

Day 40 -

Day 41 -

Day 42 -

-WEEK 7 Day 43 -

Day 44 -

Day 45 -

Day 46 -

Day 47 -

Day 48 -

Day 49 -

50 UNDERSTANDING ALL THE ALEPH BET READY TO RECEIVE THE ENTIRE TORAHS TRANSMITTED THROUGH THESE 49 SYMBOLS/PICTURES/NAMES/MEANINGS/SOUNDS/STORIES/NUMBERS/FUNCTIONS/POWERS. We have full videos going through The 22 Keys To Life, that we refresh and record a new video every so often with the latest flow.


Now let us go through the Aleph Bet Number Chart as well- Finally Presenting the Aleph Bet Organized in their Numerical Structure which teaches many secrets to be explained/seen/experienced the more we go through these most amazing Divine Symbols.

The Aleph Bet Number Chart - can be downloaded here: Beginning Right to left- Numbers 1 through 9 are the top row. The middle row is 10 through 90. The botton row is 100 through 900.

Begin on the top right- Aleph, 1 - Learning face to face moving one to the left- Bet 2 -

moving to the left- Gimmel 3

moving to the left- Daleth 4

Hey 5 Vav/Wow 6 Zayin 7 Het 8 Tet 9

Numbers 10 through 90 are the middle row- RIGHT TO LEFT.

Beginning at the right-The smallest symbol Yood is 10 moving to the left- Kaph is 20 left of that - Lamed 30 left- Mem 40 Noon 50 Samech 60 Ayiin 70 Peh 80 Tzadi 90 Numbers 100 through 900 are the bottom row RIGHT TO LEFT.

Beginning at the right- qoph 100 left- Resh 200 left- Shin 300 Tav 400 In Ashurith script the 5 final symbols are added & can continue the numbering system- meaning these symbols can have 2 values. Their base value, & their higher values- which continue the numbering system like so- The Kaph that is Extended (when scribed at the end of a word)- 500 The Mem that is Closed (when scribed at the end of a word)- 600

The Noon that is Extended (when scribed at the end of a word)- 700

The Peh that is Extended (when scribed at the end of a word)- 800

The Tzadi that is Extended (when scribed at the end of a word)- 900

Then we return back to The Symbol A'LePh אָלֶףֿ which is the same symbols as E'LePH אֶלֶףֿ which means - one thousand 1,000. The Aleph is therefore The First & Last The Least & The Greatest.

Contact for any help comments questions let us know. Thank you so much Kol tov


®© all rights reserved 5781


#49GATES #49LEVELS #SHAVUOT #SHAVUOTH #שבועות #ALEPH #BET #ALEF #ALEPHBET #ALEPHBET corrections refinements L1- Motzaei Shabbat Day 1- 30th of Nissan, The year is 5782 from The Adam - (Adam & Havah (Eve) AS ONE.) Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Age of The Universe - Prof. Gerald Schroeder.

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