49 days = The 49 Gates - 49 levels of Holiness, Understanding, Light.

Updated: May 10


The Day After The First Night of Pesahh (Pesach) - Passover - we begin counting 7 weeks - as verses briefly mention. 7 days per week --7 x 7 = 49 days -- The 49 days which lead to The 50th Day i.e. Shavuoth ("Weeks" (The Holiday Of All The Weeks Preparing Happening At Once)) - A special day containing the power of or the reward of all The Weeks spent preparing for this culmination The 50th Day- The Day of The Giving Of The Torahs - The Official Lights/Guides Of Wisdom/Truth - From The Infinite One God - to all humanity that wants - in a universally recognized script - meant for kids first beginning to speak... To use a Mashal/A Metaphor- A Relatable Thing:

The VERY Maker Of The ENTIRE Video Game- Handed into the video game- The Walkthrough-Guide to the game itself. _ [Written in Alien Code. Scribed with the 22 + 5 Special Symbols of Biblical Hebrew] - AHAVA=ECHAD

As we shall see more in depth momentarily...


The Sages transmit that these 49 days are to elevate us level after level, after falling to nearly the 50th & lowest level in Mitzrayim "Egypt" ("Distresses")- to death itself. (R.M.S. via The Gra)

The Sages transmit separately (in several places throughout the entire system of Torah)- that there are also 49 levels of Binah- "Full Understanding"...49 Gates of Understanding...& Holiness / Light / Life & opposite them/or the lack of those 49 gates- are 49 levels/empty spaces- of Not Understanding- 49 gates of pain / defilement /darkness / death). Not understanding things- is a form of death; We ask a pained sounding - why?? Why are these things happening to me...to us...to the world?? & we tune out immediately when we stop understanding something... & when we do understand things & especially how the world works, we are much happier & wiser & know how it all functions- to better adjust to reality & everything else naturally flows from there beautifully.

So what exactly are these 49 levels of understanding & not understanding? AhavaEchad.org presents an original solution to this often quoted teaching. The 49 Gates Of Understanding are The 49 Symbols of The Aleph Bet - Both Scripts Together. 27 (22 +5) Symbols in The Holy Divine Script of Torah called Ketav Ashurith - The Script of Assurance & 22 symbols in Ketav Ivri the mundane everyday use script (The Script of "The Other Siders" which does not have the 5 final form changes of the symbols םןץףץ like The Holy Torah Script of Assurance.) 27 symbols in The Torah Script- called KeTaV Ashurith- The Script of Ashurith The Script of Assurance. It is called The Script of Assurance because it is the very script & evidence of not just a god- but The Infinite Alien Brilliant ONE- on earth that ensures & assures- That The Infinite ONE is real & beyond Amazing & Good & not any angry zues type god & no human made these symbols that are evidently before all the building blocks of creation- when finally seen exactly as perfectly copied & scribed from a real Torah scroll black metallic ink on kosher white parchment- that due to the symbols Divinity & Holiness it is treated extremely special, (all rise before a Torah Scroll) & if it it can not be repaired- it is buried in the ground. So in order to be able to write regular letters & make coins & street signs & notes & packages that could be thrown out if needed- the lesser holy script of Ketav Ivri was used- The Script of "The Other Siders" to be explained momentarily- & it uses only the 22 base symbols - without the 5 special final forms םןץףך). That is why The Scribes of The Dead Sea Scrolls- wrote the TetraGrammaton in Ktav Ivri - the lesser holy script- incase anything were to happen to the scrolls- they does not contain The TetraGrammaton- God's 4 Symbol Name in "Ashurith" The Torah Script of Assurance & therefore does not possess the same level of holiness. - AhavaEchad.org for they created a backup of the entire Torah they could not knowing what would happen to those scrolls... That is not to say that this everyday mundane script does not teach us & enable us to read all languages... It is just not to be concerned over as much- should anything happen to this text if written in Ketav Ivri- The Script Of The Other Siders" - The Other Siders referring to Abhraham (Abraham) & Sarah & To the Men & Women who went with them of the time - who propagated this Script that was preserved via MalkiTzedeq "My King Is Righteousness" aka Shem Son of Noah & Naamah - who continued Biblical Hebrew & The Special Heavy accent of Hebrew called Aramaic written in the same symbols - after the dispersion - of the misguided rebellious generation of The Tower of Babel...Where God decayed Biblical Hebrew in 70 special ways/heavy accents & word flips so no one could understand each other and from there stem all the languages on earth today. See Rabbi Isaac Mosenson for more. Here are the 49 Gates of Understanding- The Symbols of The Aleph Bet In Both needed Scripts together. See Below the image for the continuation of the explanation how to use this poster.

The two symbols at the top- read from right to left is The open Mem מ which numerically is 40 & the symbol TTeTT ט (deep T sound) which numerically is 9 (see end of this article for The Aleph Bet Number Chart walkthrough). So together Mem 40 & TTETT 9 - מט is 49. (The Absolute efficiency of Hebrew will become more & more apparent to those who keep examining it. More on this in a future article. The Symbols are numbers as well & it is all linked...) So Here are The 49 Gates- Right To Left. The real flow of things- The Direction of The Original Bible- That begins with a Big Symbol Bet ב a closed braquette open to the left - showing everything moves from right to left. It is the world that is backwards until we flip back to reality. Each of the 49 Aleph Bet parallel the 49 days, so beginning at the top right, א Aleph in Ashurith - we continue scribing the first 7 symbols then breaking the line - 7 symbols 7 days per week, & continue with week 2 et cetera till we finish the Ashurith Script 22 base symbols followed by the extra 5 special final forms - then we begin the Aleph Bet symbols of The Script of Ktav Ivri- The Everyday Aleph Bet Script - which will look familiar to most people because it is in fact the source of the Greek/Latin/Cyrillic English Russian scripts - more on that soon. At the very Top - we begin with the Script Of The Beginning- At The Beginning of Creation - Ashurith- the 27 symbols & concepts that the entire universe is created with/built with. To quickly explain- Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan via The Maggid of Mezritch - On the first verse of scripture in The Original Biblical Hebrew- בראשית ברא אלקים את In the Begginning of [Everything] The All Powerful created ET את - this 2 symbol word is Aleph the first symbol & Tav is the last symbol of The Aleph Bet- meaning before creating everything else- The Infinite created ET from א Aleph Till ת Tav- The 22 Building blocks of reality- Their unique names, powers, numbers, functions, sounds, stories, teachings, et cetera combine together in a specific sequence & code for the thing itself- When The Infinite SPEAKS & codes & combines these symbols into sequences The Infinite coded & created all reality with these 22 building blocks. That is where Abra Cadabra comes from. Really it is EV'RAH KE'A'Da'BERAH- I WILL CREATE AS I WILL SPEAK. To continue the teaching if we at AhavaEchad may- את השמים From Aleph Till Tav of The Heavens את הארץ From Aleph Till Tav of The Earth. The Aleph Bet of The Heavens is Ketav Ashurith - The Symbols of The Torah called Shamayim Heavens & The Aleph Bet of The Earth is Ketav Ivri - The earthly symbols which are really locked into a few things unlike Ashurith which are Infinitely deep symbols. These symbols are what children first begin learning when they begin making sounds- (Miderush Siphrei) & they are the very things The Greatest Mystics occupy in Night & Day. That is why people may think Aleph Bet talk is from Kabbalah used to mean From The Mystical Tradition- but that is only half true. Yes these building blocks are discussed in The Mystical Tradit