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Day 8 - HeT - HeiiT(a) - Missing (The Point/Purpose) [THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE]

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The Symbol Het begins the word Chet/HeTT((a) (silent A)) - Which is translated across the planet as SIN but it really means TO MISS (THE MARK) // TO MISS/THE POINT - (Reishis via Rav Avraham Kalimi via Rabbi Mosheh Shapira).

Hett- is to miss the mark, to misuse a good thing & it does not go where we want it too. Rav Yosseph "Too Much Light" - transmits to us in The Targoom (= The Initial Transmitted Meaning & Partner to the Text) of Ketuvim (= The Prophetic Writings section of Tanakh/Scripture) & says / translates- Hett- "Missing the mark" - as "HOVA RABAH" A GREAT HOVA - A GREAT REQUIREMENT (TO FIX WHAT WE MISSED & TRY TO HIT THE MARK AGAIN).

Everyone messes up. The Only way to get better is through practice, and changing to better succeed. We can all sometimes do something that hurts someone. The Lesson is do not let it end that way- Change - Fix - Undo any damage caused. payback any money et cetera & heal yourself & everyone. To Fall is one thing. it happens. The miss is now a requirement to fix & undo & rise to a greater level than before.

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