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Those of "Flesh & blood" are nothing like The Infinite ONE.

(Nephesh HaChaim - "The Living Soul of All Life" - wrote about videogames 200 years ago quoting sages from 1000's of years ago quoting verses scribed by David The King from 1000 years before that. When a person ("flesh & blood") wants to build a house, he will go & take pre-existing wood, & build a house, & upon completion - move onto another house forgetting that he built the first house.

Not at all so with The Infinite One - who wills /generates/ the entire univere at every single second & the person & the trees & the house - every single second.

We understand this today from videogames.

As long as the electricity is constantly flowing through the system does the entire virtual world exist. if that stream of electricity were to stop the entire game vanishes in an instant.

Thank The Infinite One for Infinite Mercies generating reality every second willing it to exist. There is no comprehending fully The Infinite One's Infinite Power.

גדול י׳ ומהולל מאד /// ולגדולתו אין חקר :

תהלים קמד (קמה בדפוסים).

The sages note that the verse says "To The One Who MAKES The Great Luminaries"

or "The One Who MAKES The Heavens & Earth"

MAKES & not "MADE" in the past.

present tense. every single second.

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