Day 5 - Hey - Hayoo - were [Her] enemies The Heads (over all) (God Forbid) [The Good FLIP SIDE]

"HaYoo Tzareyha LeRosh"

"Were Her Tormentors appointed over Her as Heads"

(God Forbid).

What is the flip side of such a political tyrannical calamity?

To appoint True Sages of God- Guardians of God's TorahS = Spoken & Scribed, over us- & listen to The Wisdom They Transmit from Mosheh on Sinai before the eyes of millions of free people. The Real Aleph Bet Symbols are the evidence of God. No human created these symbols & Their Infinite Depth & interconnection of all information.

The Wisest of All humans- Shelomoh haNavi vehaMelekh-

The Prophet & The King teaches us in MiiSHLeii - Proverbs:

פלגי מים לב מלך ביד ייי

Splittings of water, are The Mind of Kings in the control of God.

Whatever God Desires will flow/tilt into them.

Crowning HaShem The Infinite Being over the world

recognizing HaShem The Infinite Being is in control.

Giving all control back to HaShem The Infinite Being,

& Letting HaShem The Infinite Being deliver the Good

that HaShem The Infinite Being wants to Give us all.

שמע ישראל ייי אלהינו ייי אחד :



HaShem The Infinite Being is our all powerful controller of Nature;

HaShem is ONE - perfect & complete-

The Perfect Unity That is Male & Female that unite & create life.

בארוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד