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Day 18 - Tzaddii - Tzaddiiq - Correct/Righteous is HaShem The Infinite One [THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE]

Rav Yosseph "Sagii NaHOR" "Too-much Light" - The Transmitter of The Targoom- Meaning of/Partner to "Ketuvim" 3rd section of Tanakh - (The Prophetic Writings)- from where this Revelation of Lamentations is from, & reveals the full context of this verse - what led to it, & who said these words.

This Verse with The Targoom-Meaning/Partner of The Verse- begins with pretext leading into the verse & begins:

1, 17

"Said HaShem in Torah to the nation house of YiiSRAEL/ISRAEL

That will not pass through those who kill with the sword in your land.

Went King YoShiiYaHoo (MaShiach Ben Yosseph at the time)

Unsheathed his sythe/sword over Paroh "HaGiiRaH" "The Lame"-

(NeKhoH) (

In The Split of Megiidon - What he was not commanded & did not inquire/ask for a face to face teaching from before HaShem- The Infinite God, Giver of The Torahs Spoken & Scribed.

Because of this, stoned did archers arrows (stone tips) to The King YoShiiYaHoo

& He Met His-Maker there (died).

Until did not his soul depart- (while he was still alive) He was fluttering his lips, & so he said: 1, 17 RIGHTEOUS IS WHOM GENERATES ALL- HASHEM THE INFINITE GOD FOR TRANSGRESSED DID I OVER GOD'S WORDS; The TORAHS SPOKEN & SCRIBED;

Listen please all nations groups of people the eulogy that eulogized Yirmiyah over YoShiiYaH- (The Mashiach Ben-Yosseph at the time)...

The Flip-side of the verse is obvious - instead of all the bad flip it to good.

& this teaches us for the final time- ASK GOD.


DO NOT GET YOURSELF KILLED by not knowing, by forgetting, et cetera.

Righteous is God, for HaShem's Torah's I kept,

& Then was sent Mashiach Ben-Yosseph who will not die! (& we pray daily no one is harmed - RAK RMS RZK via ARIZAL to pray in The Amiddah specifically for Mashiach Ben Yosseph) whose overzealousness to help Israel may damage himself HaS WeShalom.) & Israel will bask in the presence of God- The Torahs of God on earth- & Sages who live & embody the entire Torahs on earth will illuminate the planet...

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