Day 16 - Eyiin - AL - Over These [lost kids] I am constantly crying [THE FLIP-SIDE]

(Please see "Day 1 - Aleph..." for full intro!)

Here The 16th symbol of The Aleph Bet- Eyiin ע – עין - begins the 16th Acrostic verse - with the word- AL meaning "ON" or "Because of/On Behalf of". This is the 16th caring, kind, warning- Preemptive-Prophecy- by The Prophet Yirmiyah (Jeremiah) to warn us WHILE THE TIMES ARE GOOD, to fix any misdeeds that can ruin the good we have & immediately & as always, run & return to The Infinite God- The Creator of The Real Aleph Bet Symbols & Concepts, & Therefore, The Creator of The Universe that is evidently built with these 22 Aleph Bet Symbols

& Also is The Giver of The Torahs that are given with these Aleph Bet.

& by occupying in Torah night & day & living out/ practicing the wisdom of God we fix all the timelines & repair our entire line going back to Adam & Havah & then succeed our path - & acquire true skills & wisdom (Yehoshua (Joshua) 1)

As mentioned This Prophetic Verse reads AS THOUGH IT ALREADY HAPPENED, as a powerful, explicit, graphic, warning! - (NOT A RECOLLECTION OF HISTORY) (see Day 1) - that is saying to people: this- is the future, if no one changes their actions now to good, right now- to affect & change the outcome in the future.

Of course, this is initially read as a sad text & we are attempting to find the happy flip sides- see through till the end to get to the good flip of this verse.

The verse begins:

[Revelation of] Lamentations 1, 16: (see Day 1)

"Al Eyleh" "Over These" - I & Constantly Crying over...

Over what?

The Answer is revealed in The Targoom of this verse- The Transmitted initial meaning of the Text itself. (See Day 15)

Over the greatest representation of wasted of potential-

a lifeless child/human. (God Forbid- see the flip at the end of this article.) 

Rav Yosseph "Sagii Nahor" "Too Much Light" reveals the explicit Targoom not for the faint of heart; the meaning of this verse- is saying: [[[if things do not change]]]- [this is a future that will be-]

"i cry without end- [over helpless babies that will be thrown/splattered [ & the women who are pregnant that their wombs will be split open]...

Both of these things share commonalities-

they both are speaking of a most disturbing horrible evil waste of life- infinite potential- that is a baby/human life - a unique miniature universe that is now broken/lost. (God Forbid)

These are preemptive warnings; if they are made to sound too real- even more of a time to change the future by changing the our actions right now.

Eyiini - My Eyin - My eye - source of the english Eye (RZK)

& visually The Symbol itself ע is 2 eye lids & the white of the eye in the middle, & the optic nerves that link with the mind &