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Aleph Bet: A Return To Truth

“Who made up words? Who made up numbers? And what kind of spell is mankind under?” “Patience” by Nas feat. Damian Marley

The Origins of the “Alphabet”

Have you ever questioned what “A” is? Why it looks like it does? Why it sounds as it does? Why it comes first? From where it originates?

From birth, we accept the Greek Alphabet. The Greek Alphabet — the base script of the bulk of the world’s major languages1, (English, Spanish, German, Russian, French etc.) — is one of the few, if not only things, still accepted as universal truth. The letters’ shape, sound, order, and the words that they compose are rarely, if ever, questioned. Why is that? The revelations revealed by seeking to answer this question holds the key to attaining the levels of happiness and tranquility that we are all searching for in these most turbulent of times. A happiness and tranquility that can come only through knowledge of the existence of One, Omniscient, Infinite Creator that wants the best for every single one of us.

So why is “A” “A” and “B” “B”? Juxtaposing the English script with the two scripts of the Hebrew Aleph Bet (Ktav Ivri and Ktav Ashuri), one can ascertain that the Greeks didn’t invent the “Alphabet” out of nowhere, but instead produced the script by basing it off a pre-existing entity.

When one looks at Ktav Ivri2, it is striking how clearly the shapes of the letters of the English Alphabet are predicated on Ktav Ivri. In addition to their shapes, the names of the first four letters of the Greek Alphabet are named after the first four symbols of the Hebrew Aleph Bet. (Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, Dalet = Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta).

Ktav Ivri is primarily used as an everyday shorthand for speed, and for mundane purposes.3 On the other hand, scribing the symbols in Ktav Ashuri, the script found only on an authentic Torah scroll4, is a rigorous, lengthy process that requires specific quills, inks, parchments, and training to complete. An authentic Torah scroll is the closest replica of what was transmitted to Moses, and by Moses to the nation, at Sinai. Therefore, when disposing of an article containing the Ktav Ashuri script, it is buried and not simply tossed away.

The Power of Words

The Hebrew Aleph Bet is made up of Otiot (אותיות) which is mistranslated as “letters.” The proper translation of Otiot is “signs”. A sign can have many functions. It can be a picture/symbol, a sound, a number, and yes — also a letter. When letters are combined, they form words.

Words are extremely powerful.5 The most godlike ability is to speak, a key difference that separates humans from animals. Words can inspire people to do the greatest good and the greatest evil. World leaders have changed the course of history for both better and worse through the power of their tongues. Additionally, the practice of therapy allows people to overcome the biggest traumas in their lives. We have the power to unite and inspire by speaking words of encouragement or to divide and dishearten through words designed to hurt one another. It is solely up to us in how we choose to wield this power.

According to the Torah, The Infinite One speaks the world into existence. “God” says, “Let there be light”,6 [ויהי אור] “and there was light.” This is the source of “Abra Cadabra,” which is a transliteration of the Hebrew phrase, “EVRA Ke’A’DaBRaH” [אברא כאדברה]: “I will create as I will speak”.7 The Infinite One speaks words, which are formed from symbols, and the world came to be. Words made of letters, or more accurately, words made of 22 Otiot — signs, symbols, picture, numbers, sounds, functions, stories: the intersection of all information. That is why “Devar” דבר is both the Hebrew word for “word” and “thing.” Because every single thing is created by the word of God.8

The concept of numbers and letters generating reality is one backed by science. Over the past decade, mounting scientific evidence has emerged that our world is essentially a simulated hologram.9 As Albert Einstein famously explained, mass is energy multiplied by the speed of light squared (E=mc2). The more you zoom into that mass, you will see atoms that are vibrating in space. All matter in existence, from something as lively as the human body to something as lifeless as a table are composed of these atoms.10 Therefore, what appears to the human eye as completely still and solid, is really composed of vibrating atoms, the building blocks of all existence.11

A more modern way of understanding this concept is by using the example of video games. Video games are built utilizing billions of lines of code. Code is simply numbers and letters in a specific sequence which then generates the virtual reality.12 Just like the virtual world exists as long as electricity is flowing through the system, so too does this entire universe exist by the Infinite One willing it to exist every single second.13

“A person can walk the Earth for 80 years and never once see The Truth” HaGaon Rabbi Moshe Shapira

What is Truth?

The near universality of the Greek Alphabet as the basis for our communication is especially notable because we don’t agree on much in today’s world. It is common to hear the words “speak my/your truth” used in everyday conversation, which shouldn’t be a surprise when we can’t agree on fundamental realities, such as biological sex — what makes a man a man, and what makes a woman a woman. If we don’t possess a degree of certainty on such core aspects of our existence, how can we then be expected to agree on something as complex, consequential, and seemingly unattainable as an objective truth: the knowledge of the existence of One Omniscient, Infinite, Creator?

Let’s start by trying to answer the question of what “Truth” is.

Truth is objective and real. Truth is composed of things we see, hear, count, touch, and experience. That which is evident and verifiable. Truth is what’s true for everybody. There is no “your truth and my truth.” What does exist is our completely unique perspectives on the same universal objective truth, making life wonderfully diverse, intellectually stimulating, and breathtakingly beautiful.

The word for “Truth” in Hebrew is Emet (אמת). Emet אמת, is composed of the Otiot: Aleph (א), Mem (מ), &Tav (ת) — notably the first, middle, and last Ot of the entire Hebrew Aleph Bet.

Emet אמת The Truth - is the first symbol to the middle symbol to the final symbol.

The entire picture. The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

So what then is “Truth?”

“Truth/אמת” is All 22 Otiot of the Hebrew Aleph Bet14, from the beginning, to the middle, to the end. Each Ot has its own unique shape, sound, number, function, & purpose. Each Ot depicts different truths or facts of life that are universally recognizable & understandable by people of all ages and backgrounds.

The method used by the children in Ancient Israel to learn The Aleph Bet during the times of the Sages is recorded in the Talmud (The Learning Process).15 As the children went through the Aleph Bet Ot by Ot, learning what each depicts, they ultimately reached the end with Tav ת. There they teach that Tav symbolizes Truth. The children further elaborate by stating that like the Torah, Truth is not merely “found”, but must “be acquired” by learning from those who learned from their teachers — all the way back to the millions of people who received the Torahs16 at Sinai.

A lie (שקר) is easy to spot while one must go searching far and wide for the Truth (אמת)

As those children learned, the Otiot which comprise אמת are spread out evenly and in order throughout the entire Aleph Bet, while the Otiot of Sheker שקר (the Hebrew word for ”lies”) are all bunched up just before the end. From here we see that while it is easy to spot a lie, one must go searching far and wide for the full Truth.

Truth/אמת stands on a solid base while lies/שקר come crashing down when stood up

The Talmud continues by teaching that “Truth stands”17 because the Otiot of אמת when “stood up” — remain standing on a solid base. On the other hand, “lies” שקר consists of Otiot that each ends on a point. שקר is telling us that lies, unlike the Truth, “stand on one leg” and will come crashing down when “stood up” or called out.18

The structure of the word אמת/Emet is insinuating that the Aleph Bet, from beginning to middle to end, are themselves Truth. The Aleph Bet is the proof that Objective Truth exists and is the design/handiwork of the One Infinite Creator. There is precisely 0% chance any human being could create something as deep, beautiful, timeless, and foundational as this script that was given by the One Infinite Creator to the Nation of Israel at Sinai. The more one studies this pictorial script, beginning with the basic lesson of the Aleph Bet, the more one sees The Designer behind the designs.19

When Do Things Stop Being a Coincidence?

עץ: The code for a Tree can be seen clearly. (via

Truth/אמת and lies/שקר are just one of countless examples of a word’s/concept’s meaning being lost in translation when converted to a different language/script from the Hebrew Aleph Bet in Ktav Ashurit — the script of the Torah, the literal Word of the One Infinite Creator. One can experience this phenomenon simply by juxtaposing the Hebrew word for “tree” (Etz עץ) with its physical construction: the symbols come together and code for a tree.2021

Another example is the Hebrew word for “heart” (לב = Lev). The connection of “Lev” as the source of the word “Love” is an easy one to make. As referenced earlier, the Aleph Bet have numerical value and utilizing them can yield some amazing connections. ל numerically is 30 and ב numerically is 2, which also happens to line up with the accepted compression-ventilation ratio of 30:2 when giving CPR to an adult.22 Reasonable people can chalk that fact up as a pure coincidence, but the question must be asked, “How many coincidences is too many?” Does a point exist where excessive coincidence can start to be more rationally explained through the intention of a Divine Creator?

Arguably the most fascinating connections are those that transcend time. Take the Hebrew word for “Horse” (Soos, סוס), for example. For centuries, horses were humans’ primary mode of transportation, especially when traveling long distances. That all changed in the late 19th century when Karl Benz invented the automobile. Benz first had the thought to invent the car, and then he physically manifested the idea into reality. Just like “God” first had the idea to create the world and then spoke it into existence, it is our thoughts and ideas, composed of words, which enables us to then create in the physical world. Now take another look at the word סוס. There is not a string of symbols in the entire Aleph Bet that can possibly resemble that of a person in a car more than the Hebrew word for “Horse”. One can make the connection that thousands of years before the first assembly line, the Infinite One was already referencing what was yet to come.

“Now the question is: Are you ready for the real revolution, which is the evolution of the mind? If you seek, then you shall find, that we all come from the Divine.” “He Got Game” by Public Enemy

Let the Chaos of Uncertainty Fade Away

The more one delves into words and their ultimate source — the Hebrew Aleph Bet in Ktav Ashurit — knowledge of the One Infinite Creator’s brilliant design and omniscient presence becomes glaringly apparent. This allows us to learn what “God” truly is, and when combined with sourcing from some of our greatest sages like the late Rav Aryeh Kaplan, we can cut through the confusion that has run rampant over the past 2000+ years. A confusion that has led many to unfortunately associate God’s name with callous destruction and coldhearted indifference, as opposed to the love and warmth of the ultimate Mother & Father. This amazing truth, among countless others, can be gleaned by returning to the basics of human communication which is the Aleph Bet in Ktav Ashurit as seen on an authentic Torah Scroll. Only by returning to the basics and learning together as One can we begin to rebuild the foundation that has eroded over the past 2000+ years due to the inaccuracies that have been spoken in the name of “God” by both good and ill-intentioned people.

When armed with the knowledge that One Infinite Creator exists that loves you and wants the best for you, one is able to be free of the anxiety of the unknown and instead focus on what is in your control with the assurance that whatever is not in your control is in the hands of an all-powerful being that is in your corner. Truth and order is restored while the chaos of uncertainty fades away, all by returning to the unchanged, original text of the Torah that could have only been created by an “alien”23 being that exists outside of the realm of time, limitation, and human comprehension.

More on The Aleph Bet:


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