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6 stickers


4.6inch long x 2.4 inches wide sticker/bookmark


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this is the letter peh, attatched to another letter peh.


a white bet is hidden within the letter peh, so when you attatch them together it forms a white letter aleph. this is the symbol of פה אל פה   –    פ א פ    –   פנים אל פנים  face to face פace to פace. based on the quore by Rogachover Gaon zyaa that was shown to me by Mrs. Ruth Nachimovsky, shlita, "when you pray you speak to HaShem, but when you learn Torah, HaShem is speaking to you" "face to face with the text of HaShem's gorgeous Torah in ktav ashurith with full nikkud and teamim, with interlinear full color coded Targum BH.


face to face logo // © AhavaEchad 5777 BH

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