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HaGaon HaRav Moshe Shapira [shlita hyv] // הגאון הרב משה שפירה שליטא היו


4.6inch long x 2.4 inches wide sticker/bookmark




anything you buy from this giftshop funds all these amazing projects! (=






this is a title of a book i hope to release BH. writing this as an extra note to self BH


paraphrasing the words of MaSechet Sofrim- The Tractrate of scribes- when the torah was forcibly translated into greek for the first time, it was as difficult a day as the day of the sin of the golden calf, because the torah can not be translated, given over in its entirety.


the simple meaning is as soon as we leave HaShem's aleph bet we lose everything chas veshalom because the אleph בet are the 22 unique most gorgeous mnmlst pictures/symbols/signs/numbers/sounds/stories that with them the entire תorah was given to the 12 tribes, that comprise Am Yisrael (Rabbi Akivah zyaa)

EVERYTHING is lost in translation // © AhavaEchad 5777 BH

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