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Why we say "Shanah Tovah Umetukah". למה אומרים שנה טובה ומתקוה

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Shanah Tovah Umetukah "A Year that She is Good & Sweet."


"Shanah" is a year & "Tovah" is "Good (in the feminine)"- teaching us that the year is a feminine thing. The Torah Teaches from The second verse of Scripture-VeHaAreTZ & The Earth- HAiiYeTHAH "SHE WAS VOID..."- Teaching that The Earth is a feminine thing. The Infinite God teaches us in Torah- There are things that are Feminine & there are things that are Masculine. This is yet another monumental foundational thing that is entirely lost in translation to english especially because at a point in time English neutered the entire language & this is certainly a contributing factor for the lack of clarity in the world what is Masculine//What is Feminine. (More on this topic in the article- What is a Man and Women? by Coming Soon BH)

Another thing: "TOVaH" as spelled in Hebrew which is read from right to left- טובה "She is Good" is numerically 22- TWENTY TWO. & The number 22 always refers to The 22 symbols Of The AlphaBet- Aleph Bet. So the phrase "Shanah Tovah" (Umetooqah) - a year that is TOVaH- 22- filled with HaShem's wisdom -"HaShem" = "The Name" The Name of The One 1NF1N1TE Being as appearing only in Biblical Hebrew- The Designer Creator Generator Sustainer of All Reality & Giver of The 22 Symbols of The Aleph Bet- The 22 Symbols as seen scribed on an authentic Torah scroll- & not like in most printed things.

The 22 symbols of The Infinite God; The 22 symbols of The Infinite Good.

(God & Good are from the same root in Biblical Hebrew for all the languages on earth originally come from Biblical Hebrew. See "Edenics" By [HaGaon HaRav]

Rabbi Isaac Mosenson founder of

but then why do we add UMETOOQAH "and sweet" why good and sweet?

Rabbi Zamir Kohen founder of [Shlit"a] explains.

that sometimes things that are good for us

that are not necessarily sweet & pleasurable-

like if someone imaginary was not feeling well

they may need to take a bitter herb medicine

which actually helps & does good

but it is not sweet. Not a pleasant experience.

& so that is why we say that everything should be "good & sweet" to all Israel & good people. May "the wicked" (= untill true repentance & change) realize the evil error of their ways & recognize The Reality Of The One Infinite Being Giver of The Torahs- Kindly Generating existence every single second. Who knows us better than we know ourselves & repent at once before HaShem Our Infinite Perfect Parents- & return to God & Good in The Feminine - TOVAH 22.) שנה טובה ומתוקה Shanah Tovah Umetooqah for you & your entire family.

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Naomi Goffman Burn
Naomi Goffman Burn
Sep 13, 2021

Words of Torah are like water to thirst

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