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Torah; Source of The The Word True; & ToRoTH- (Torah in plural)- Source of The word- Truth.

As The Sages Transmit The Teachings To Us All: Biblical* Hebrew is The Ultimate Source of All The Languages on Earth. (See source below1.) A Slight Deterioration in pronunciation - or a slight decay in the language - like a flower that decays (ssb) - the more it decays the less it even looks like flower at all: This Slightest Decay Yeilds "ARAMAIC" The Bridge from Biblical Hebrew to all the other languages on earth.

We understand better in Aramaic than we may realize:





TORAH is the source of the word TRUE

The Torah is True - Scribed Perfectly in The 22 Symbols of Truth that is evident before all-

all can/should/need/ WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING to experience it for themselves: BH Ahava=Echad will be releasing the walk through in the various Languages & we have several Videos already up on our videos secion, with better ones to come in English Hebrew Russian (Aramaic if needed (= ) But in Short Each symbol is a unique shape sound number all interconnected. The Torah is scribed in these symbols, therefore The Torah is not a book to read- but an Entire Experience- The Sinai Experience. This Beauty & Wisdom is lost in translation to every other language, and so the goal is to be able to bring us all back to the original so that we can experience it all for ourselves. (SEE SYMBOL ALEPH).

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