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These 10 Days Between Rosh HaShanah & Yom Hakipurim "do not exist in time." - GR"A

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

(Each is a Self-contained section. Read as far as you'd like. Skip around too) The Biblical Hebrew word for YEAR (read from Right To Left) is שנה

"SHaNaH" which is numerically 355. The Solar Calendar as most know is about 365 days. (365.25)- (HaGaon Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan).

The GR"A = The Gaon Rabenu Eliyahoo (The Vilna Gaon) (via HaGaon Rabbi Ari Kahn shlit''a transmits:

these very 10 days between Rosh HaShanah- The Head of The Year & Yom Hakipurim - The Day of Complete Atonements -

are these 10 days which exist outside the regular year. These are 10 days that we can change our destinies

& the destiny of the universe again-

& elevate all the souls of our ancestors of the past- & fix all the broken timelines.

by us - their sole/"soul" descendants- doing the good before The Infinite God. Tangibly this means Returning to objective Truth that are The Torahs themselves- Spoken & Scribed. The Torah- The "Lights/Wisdoms/Instructions of The Infinite Being- that are all entirely given using only The 22 Alien Beautiful Symbols of The Real Aleph Bet (as scribed on a scroll) that "HaShem" = "The Name" The 4 Symbol Name of The Infinite ONE Being, Generator of The entire Universe at every single second-

Designed, Created, Built & Attached together to code & build all reality. "Abra Kedabrah" = Evrah Ke'A'DaBrah = אבראה כאדברה = I will create as i will speak. (HaGaon Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan ZTVKL) (Jin Kahunah via Nefesh HaChaim).


Another related teaching that Our Sages Transmit: "The Satan" = השטנ = numerically is 364.

One shy of 365.

Because there exists only ONE DAY OF THE YEAR - THAT SATAN HAS NO POWER



This is for those who may think Torah is all numerology stuff- you'll be pleased & surprised to learn that using numbers or "Gematrias" (Geometries) are just ONE 1 of the THIRTY TWO 32 PATHS all transmitted from Sinai - of how to even Learn & Begin to Extract information from The Scribed Written Torah (aka TaNaK). Gematria is used so frequently because other ways have been lost to many & it shows an easily-calculable-to-all, objective-link in information. The Numerical value of every single word of The Torah connects 2 (or more) seemingly unrelated words, which then each person can ask why? why would these specific 2 words be linked?

This is another monumental foundational thing that is entirely lost in translation to every other language & script on earth. (See more in the Chanukah Booklet Download on

The Aleph Bet Symbols are called "Pictures" by our Sages - therefore teaching all that The Aleph Bet are entirely visual as well. This is what is mostly lost in the world. We forgot to see the depths of the Pictures of The Real Aleph Bet Symbols which together depict everything - from physical to conceptual things- in reality. So to all The Visual learners! (Like myself)- You are not forsaken! but now will rejoice whole heartedly- finally seeing the alien beauty & infinite depth of The Pictures seen in the Symbols of The Real Aleph Bet in their true forms (as scribed on a scroll) and experience stunning devine beauty & radiance. This is the end of blind belief & foundationless faith & The Beginning of KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE & EUPHORIC BLISS.

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