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The Power Of Saying "ShaLoM" & "HaS WeShaLom" & What These Ancient Powerful Phrases Mean.

Updated: May 5, 2023

"Shalom" is another name of The Infinite One. (-Rashi)

In the days of Ruth רות - The Great Convert Princess - The Great great...Grandmother of King David Boaz בועז The Leader of Israel - King David's Great great....Grandfather – is scribed/recorded in Tanakh as greeting people with The Tetragrammaton = The Explicit Divine name of The Infinite One in The Original Hebrew - to teach that we may greet one another like this. But today to do so directly & even indirectly (Ado...)- may be inappropriate in our condition (Only The Kohen Gadol was tasked to say this name on the day of complete atonements) & so instead we fulfill greeting each other with The Name Of The Infinite One name by saying & wishing -

"Shalom" שלום - "May The Infinite One bless you with completion & perfection in whatever you lack".

Shalom שלום from the root Shalem שלם - "Complete/Perfect" is another name of God that highlights that The Infinite One is complete & perfect in all things & ways. & therefore created The Adam as One = complete & perfect & only then split the body into male & female halves that are not shalem complete perfect without each half.

Shalom שלום is wishing the person Sheleimooth שלימות - Completion & Perfection in all things that they are lacking - or even if -Thank The Infinite One- they are not lacking- we still wish perfection to help continue their ascension beyond - infinitely improving & elevating everything to higher better levels.

Shalom שלום is said upon greeting & upon leaving.

Now upon hearing anything even not the greatest you can say-

HHas חס which means pity. HHas חס can also mean- as if one is lovingly saying: "heaven forbid" respectfully quiet yourself ! & do not say or think such things !

Has WeShalom חס ושלום ו We/Ve = And - so ושלום WeShalom = & Shalom - & bless it with completeion & perfection in whatever it lacks.

This ancient phrase is said by the sages Rabbi Eliezer & Rabbi Yehoshuah as recorded in The Teachings of The Sages of Yerooshalayim/Jerusalem.

HHas חס = (Throaty HH sound) = Pity - the poor & lacking & Shalom ושלום = & fill & complete whatever they need.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen shlit''a explains:

Has חס is from the word HHessed חסד - free loving kindness -

which is broken up into חס ד =

חס דלת someone who pitties the dal - the daleth - the lacking one -


that has nothing of its own = דלית DeLeiiTh - in "Aramaic".

Source of "delete" - deleted/lacking all their wealth & possessions.

& so we HHaS = pitty & give whatever is lacking

& firstly to directly ourselves ask The Infinite One for help in all /

& in doing so - being like The Infinite One sustaining the lacking. (-RZCsh)

These are powerful words & wishes contained within one or two words.

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