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In The very closing of The Neilah prayer (Neilah literally is The locking" prayer. - The Fifth & Final "prayer" before The Close of The Day of Complete Atonements - Yom HaKiPurim- & The Locking of our Lotteries/Lotts in Life for this entire year that was just renewed- 10 days earlier- The 1st of The Month Tishrei- called Rosh HaShanah The Head of The Year.

The Closing of This Final Prayer Ends by The Visionary/HaZan Cantor Leader of Service Shouts Aloud 7 times The Phrase That the nation of israel & all good people said after seeing the miracles that occurred for Eliyahoo Hanavi The Prophet On Mount Karmel - The Epic Showdown between Eliyahoo & The Thousand Prophets of Baal.

The Nation fainted- "Fell on their faces" fell to their knees and decreed

"HaShem HOO (561) is HaElokim. HaShem HOO (561) is HaElokim."

Twice repeating this most essential phrase & that is what we shall now understand.

HaShem The Name of The Infinite in Hebrew (that depicts Infinity- or encapsulates infinity- in a single word (The Tetragrammaton) is HOO הוא The One Who is The All Powerful One (God). HaShem The Name of The Infinite in Hebrew (that depicts Infinity- or encapsulates infinity- in a single word (The Tetragrammaton) is HOO הוא The One Who is The All Powerful One (God).

It would be enough to say HaShem HaElohim! י–הוה האלהים HaSHEM The Infinite- is The all powerful God.

What is this word HOO/WHO doing in the middle

of this already complete phrase?

HOO (read from right to left of course as always in Hebrew) is spelled using The Symbol HEY ה on the right, The Symbol VAV ו in the middle & The Symbol Aleph א At the end.

We learn what the numbers represent at the end of The Passover Haggadah "Who knows HEY- 5? I Know 5. 5 are The Fifths (Chomeshim) of Torah.

Who knows VAV- 6? I Know 6. 6 are The Orders of Mishnah (The Launch Pad of Spoken Torah)"

& Aleph- 1 represents The Talmood- The Active Learning Process that unites The 5 Fifths & 6 Orders- & Visually Aleph is made of 2 yoods & a slanting Vav hook- & this represents the meaning of Aleph itself- LEARNING ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL FACE TO FACE - face to face with God's Aleph Bet & Torahs as they were stunningly given.

face to face with a Master Teacher face to face with a friend

face to face with your other half.

& The Kids teach us The First 2 Symbols of Hebrew- Aleph Bet- visually numerically conceptually teach us many things- but on the basic level for every beginner it means means Aleph 1 = Learn on the highest level = together as ONE- FACE TO FACE BET = The Scribed Torah that begins with a Big Symbol Bet ב that numerically is 2 and teaches people the difference between good and evil incase there ever arose a time where these things are getting confused. & The Next 2 Symbols teach Gimmel Daleth Give to those in need. & Rabbi Yochanan teaches that these are the very 2 things that save a person from any Messianic Turbulences (Rabbi Eli Mansour) & Tribulations. Gmar HaTimah Tovah again - stay tuned for the next post that ill include here as well- BEFORE YOU EAT AFTER YOM HAKIPPURIM PRAY THAT FIRST PRAYER ARAVIT THAT WILL BE THE MOST PURE POWERFUL PRAYER YOU WILL HAVE YET.

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