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Hiillel, The Luminous Wise Elder Sage from over 2,500 years ago- was asked by a potential convert to Israel: "Convert me if you can Teach me the entire Torah on one leg." So Hillel stood on one leg and said in Aramaic: סני לחברך – לא תעביד "If it is hated, to your acquaintance* - do not do that." ENGLISH:

"That which your acquaintance hates - don't do that.

"The rest of the Torah is just commentary on this." (Bavli Shabbat 31a // בבלי שבת לא א) _

A deeper break down of the word CHAVER translated as "FRIEND":

The Sages Transmit חבר Chaver is an acquaintance - someone who is near you- even though you may not know them well- like a neighbor - or someone on the bus you are on- people you are מחובר MECHUBAR - Connected by physical location/proximity. (Chaver - חבר is the root of Chiiboor - חיבור- connection- therefore it means people who are connected to you whether physically or spiritually: This means to be sensitive of neighbors and to not do things that others would hate. The sensitivity of thinking about other people and making life better for the world around you- This is being Godlike - The purpose of The Torah To Walk in The Infinite's Ways That are revealed in The Torah- The Instructing Light- scribed perfectly in The Script of Assurance- The Script of Truth - consisting of The 22 Symbols of Truth - That are evident before all: _

and something that can only be done in biblical hebrew- the word values- Chaver חבר scrambled is Cherev חרב - sword/destruction - as i saw written (source?)- furthering the point this is a temporary connection that can be cut and severed such as leaving the neighborhood or place where you are connected/effect other people. _ Rabbi Akivah said the verse: ואהבת לרעך כמוך WeAHAVATA LEReAHKHA KAMOKHA & love (present tense) your BEST FRIEND like you do, yourself. Reicha means BEST FRIEND as The Sages Transmit: (Rabbi Aharon Weirtheimer):

This makes it easier as to love everyone like you love yourself is hard impossible but your best friend- your sibling- your other half- your learning partner is the goal. _

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