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The difference between the Biblical Hebrew words Mishpath & Diin - both translated as "Justice"

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The difference between the Biblical Hebrew words Mishpath & Diin - which are both translated in english as "justice"

Mishpath // משפט is giving people what they really need- & not what they deserve. & Diin // דין is from the root Biblical Hebrew word “die” - “enough”- giving people exactly what they deserve.

source- Gaon (Genius) Rabbi (Leader in Aramaic) Simchah Fader- in the name of The Karmel (Gaon Rabbi Yosseph Greenbaum) in the name of The Gaon Malbiim: & Rabbi Zamir Cohen)

Mishpath is full of mercies- as The Infinite God has over everyone & everything- & free giving goodness - would it help to yell at this person angrily? or would a gentle calm response shock them & be more effective. Diin - is strictest justice- having no mercy - paying people back exactly- as God does- measure for measure. as Yithro said- That which they plotted- has been flipped [by The Infinite God] back onto them.

We pray for Mishpath for the good people & diin for the evil ones (who do not truly repent & begin to undo the damages done- right now)- & no potential good people- & potential converts will arrive from their line - (as Mosheh Moses checked through the Infinites Spirit of Prophecy being bestowed upon him- before he killed the would be murderer.

May you & your families be blessed with all good & sweet.

Eve the 6th day- which is occurring on the 26th of Shevatt 5782

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