"Chosen" doesn't mean "you are chosen & now you are better than all people." Chosen Means: CHOSEN TO FULFILL A SPECIFIC TASK IN THE WORLD.

No one is better "just cause." "chosen people" doesnt mean now youre better than everyone it means chosen for a specific task-

which is to preserve God's Truth on earth for all people (The Entire Torah) STARTING WITH THE ALEPH BET OF COURSE- THE KEYS TO THE ENTIRE TORAH GIVEN IN THESE SYMBOLS AND NON OTHER.

and to serve the people of the world as the example/ demonstration before/ to all nations of the world -

look what good happens when you follow the words of God!

and look what happens when you do not- God forbid - and do not repent & change your ways to avert the karma of the not-good actions heading our way (unless we do change and become a new person- not the same old person who did that) (RDAsh).

AN EASY WAY TO MAKE THE POINT: If a teacher selects a student to go and get some books from the office- that kid doesn't become better than the other kids; Nor do the other kids even want to have to get up & go & get these books from the office- and if they do, they can.

Also "Goyim/Joyim" is sinisterly mistranslated as "Heathen/s" in English Translations of hateful literature- specifically giving it a negative connotation- when a simple reading of Scripture reveals Joyim means Nations or Singular "Joy" Distinguished Nation- As Israel is called a Goy/Joy as well- ומי גוי גדול. So it has no negative connotations- as mistakenly continued to be used in the world. In the meme "oy vey the goyim/joyim know shut it down" and the like loll. Gentiles is a greek word. We are all PEOPLE (literally one family) & we are judged by our actions & ultimately by The Infinite All Knowing Generating Existence.

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