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HaGaon Rabbi Mosheh Shapira ZTVK"L SHYVLM"H:

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Finally- A Sage that begins to explain the differences between words- as THERE ARE NO SYNONYMS IN LaSHoN HaQoDeSH The Elite Language = Biblical Hebrew & a heavy accent & more of it called "aRAMAIc".

Rabbi Mosheh Shapira ZTVKL was made known to me by Rabbi Avraham Kalimi shlita in Yeshivas Reishis Yerushalayim Israeli Havrootha Program. The Rabbi's name- is so fitting. As my brother SH"V teaches in the name of Rabbi Eli Mansour SH"V When a sage recorded in the Talmud said something extra brilliant - the sages would say to him "Mosheh - Shapiir Ka AaMaRT" "Mosheh - Beautifully You have said." Every True Sage has aspects of Mosheh Rabenu in them- and HaShem Revealed to Mosheh Rabenu every single thing a future student will think he came up with.


“A person can walk this earth for 80 years and never once see the Truth” - RMS z’v

That is why AHAVAECHAD.ORG is here. To make sure we get to see & hear THEE TRUTH in its best fitting time- when kids first begin to make sounds/speak.

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