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Day 4 - Daleth - DaRKhei Tzion - The Known-Ways of Tzion (City of David) are mourning; [FLIP-SIDE].

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These 22 days between The 17th of Tamooz & The 9th of Av are designed to be dedicated to the 22 symbols of HaShem's Aleph Bet in their True Gorgeous Intelligent Forms, with their explanations - of what each one depicts & teaches us.

The Script itself is unlike any other script on earth; These are The Original 22 Symbols of God- That comprise the building blocks of Reality & all languages- for Biblical Hebrew is The Original Language of all humanity The Language of Creation seen in the very things themselves- the tree עץ for example in the poster below-.

22 Days;

22 Symbols;

Each day is dedicated to experience/contemplate/meditate on/dive deeper into/ just One Symbol of God's Torah; To Behold The Infinite Depths for yourself- "no human created this..." - you yourself will see & say- & conclude completely on your own- in awe, shock, & joy- thereby joining The Understanding of Reality The Line of Sages & Prophets transmit going back till Mosheh/Moses on Sinai before the eyes of Millions of People; Back to The Level of Awareness & Living of The 3 Fathers & 4 Mothers. The 7 Shepherds of Israel. Day 4 - Daleth-

Megilath Kinoth - "A Revelation of Lamentations"; (see Article for Day 1 for why is this called a REVELATION of Lamentations & not just Lamentations.) Every chapter in this Prophetic Written Book is written according to A Most Special Acrostic- An Acrostic of The 22 Symbols of The Aleph Bet in ORDER- except in 1 place where the symbol ֵEyin & Peh flip ON PURPOSE (AS TRANSMITTED BY THE SAGES & MASORETES (T.B.E.I.A.L.A. - to be explained in a later article) & except for one chapter- that still is though comprised of 22 verses (R'Avraham Kalimi via R' Mosheh Shapira via Reishis)). The point of all this being to allude & openly, clearly, explicitly, point to The Real 22 Symbols of The Aleph Bet- The 22 Symbols of God- that every Torah Scroll on earth is copied & scribed with/in. So we can Return To The Brilliance of The Designer Architect of Reality directly. The 22 Aleph Bet in The Revelation of Lamentations have been used in sad ways of course. We, here together with you, at are attempting to find The Flip-side to the sadness- using the power represented by The Second Symbol of The Aleph Bet- Bet - numerically 2 - which represents Biinah- Understanding - The Ability to Differentiate between 2 things & understanding the differences as well as similarities & understand the flip side of all things AE. This allow us to understand what could have been back then, (instead of all the sadness) & more importantly- WHAT CAN BE TODAY & WHAT WILL BE in the near future. Today once again - The Awareness Of The Infinite One can be acquired over night...

The 4th Day - The Symbol Daleth

(which means) Lacking - & in Aramaic "DeLeiith" - That is Without...

Firstly - What is the flip-side to lacking? is there any good to this?

& Secondly, Daleth - which is used to begin The 4th Verse of The Revelation of Lamentations - "Darkheii Tzion Aveiiloth" - "The Ways of Tzion are mourning." (Darkheii is conjugated to be connected with the next word- "Tzion" - Zion/City of David- & described as if they are- Aveiiloth- Mourning in Silence.)

What is the flip-side of all this sadness?

Daleth - Lacking- is in fact good - as Daviid HaMelekh King David transmits in The Book of Tehillim Angelic Psalms- in the Psalms that comprise The HaLeL Praises & Thanks to God- From chapter 113 till 117- מקימי מעפר דל – "God raises & succeeds my path from the dirt; (yet) [i am still] Dal - Lacking [& need You HaShem every second] ".

Although HaShem Raised King Daviid from the dirt- A Caring Mighty Fearless Shepherd in the fields- King David never let any power or money or fame get to his head as they say- & cause him to think for even a second that any of this because of MY power or ability- & realized every second it is HaShem giving me life, & all in it- generating all existence every second (Jin Kahuna via Nefesh Hachaim), enabling all to exist, & nothing is by my own power only what HaShem gives it.

This additional key to humility King David teaches us all. Realizing all the blessings HaShem The Infinite Being - is constantly bestowing upon us daily & every second literally- all the blessings upon waking up- (Bavli Berakhot 60a/b) one blessing for being conscious & knowing the difference between night & day- (good & evil)- & blessing for letting me open my eyes, a blessing for letting me sit up out of bed, for letting me have dry land (by holding back every second the infinite ocean that would cover our planet if not for the Words of God holding it in place), for letting me then be able walk myself, for letting me have clothing to not be embarrassed from myself or others, for making me an Israeli, For letting Israel be girded with strength, for Letting Israel be crowned with splendor, For letting my body work on every level- in every way; how countless are the blessings & thanks we owe HaShem The Infinite - Nefesh Kol Haii - The Deepest Soul of All The Living- With each breathe we thank HaShem The Infinite Being- as taught by The Final Verse of Tehillim/Psalms-recorded in the Mideroosh of Tehillim - The Sage Rav Transmits כל הנשמה תהלל יה הללו יה Kol HaNeshamah- The Entirety of every soul- do not read it נשמה Neshamah read it Neshiimah נשימה - A Single Breath - That over every single Neshimah - breath- we thank You HaShem The Infinite Being. HaLeLoo Kah - Praise-all- "Kah"- The Creator of Both Universes (that are created with these 2 symbols; this universe with a symbol Hey ה-& The universe arriving with a symbol Yood י (Bavli Menahoth 18a/b).

Secondly What would be the flip-side of the Ways of Tzion are mourning?

the ways of Tzion are REJOICING! of course. & That is exactly what is The Joy that is Prophesied in also in The HaLeL Praises & Thanks To God- In Chapter 113 in Tehillim/Psalms-

מושיבי עקרת הבית

אם הבנים שמחה

הללו יה

HaShem Will restore The Essence of The House- The Nation of Israel...& Fill Yerooshalayiim with multitudes of groups - like a mother over her children she will rejoice- halelooyah.

Daleth is for The Word Derekh a Public Road- A known way to all (GR"A) as in the verse- Derekh HaMelekh Nelekh - In The Road of The King We shall go- A King's road is wider and known to all as opposed to the word ORACH - a private path. The world competes for your attention and tries to get you to follow their ways & practices. The solution is to follow in the Ways of HaShem- As outlined in the Torahs of God. All evil negativity misinformation ends- when we simply examine the verses and concepts in the original. (Based on Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan).

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