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Day 15 - SaMeKh- SiiLaH - Conquered HaShem all my mighty/clear Ones- "Dons in our midst" [GOOD-FLIP]

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Samekh is a Godly symbol, meaning it is another symbol made up of 2 other symbols that equal 26, the value of God's Ineffable Name; RZKsh Rabbi Zamir Kohen says in the name of Sepher HaTemoonah "The Book of The Picture" or The Picture book transmitted by The Sages- Rabbi NeHooNYah Ben HaKaNaH & Rabbi Yiishmael Kohen GaDoL- who reveal to us that the symbol Samekh ס is really made up of the symbol Kaph כ on the right & sealed/closed off with a symbol Vav/Wow ו on the left. Kaph = 20 + Waw 6 = 26 = The Value of God's 4 Symbol Name when seen scribed in Biblical Hebrew depicts INFINITY. God Is The Infinite One Perfect Being That creates & sustains all life. Infinity represented by the closed circuit of Samekh ס - endless loop.

This 15th Symbol Samekh- here begins the 15th verse: "SiiLaH". Rav Yosseph "Sagii Nahor" "Too much light" reveals in the Targoom- The Meaning/Helper of the text- & says that "Sillah" is a language of KaVaSH, to take over- dominate- which is the source the English to Quash- quash your enemies- conquer them completely. "Quashed"/Taken over. "SiiLaH" meaning Quash- having to do with might & strength- is a direct source of The Russian "SiiLaH" - Strength.

The prophecy of [Revelation of] Lamentations is continuing,

& kindly warning us & saying:

[This is the future- If people do not change their ways right now, in the present- The Samekh will flip to not good &] "SiiLaH" - quash The Mighty Ones = The Teachers/Guardians of Torah & God's good ways & wisdom- & all that good will be concealed/closed off & diminishing The Light- The Luminaries- The Lanterns of God- The Different Sages of God may they be well- & force them to go into hiding for no one wants to change- hear & implement wisdom. & The Sages Righteous Men & Women are God's presence on earth when they follow in God's good ways- not at all the monster god we are taught in the world. & so with less people who exemplify God's goodness- the world is an uglier darker place.

What is the good flip-side? obviously that God will Siilah quash the enemies- and conquer the hearts of Israel as Shelomoh The King Did- following his father David- & restore people's minds/souls back to the one infinite loving God- & away from depressing imposter teachings that go against the original scripture in Biblical Hebrew & Aramaic- & lead the world back to happiest safest beneficial ever wonderful path that is getting to know God- through the gift of Torah- God's revealed thoughts & guides on earth.

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