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Day 13 - MeM - From Elevated Heavens (He) Sent Fire in "Bones" & Conquered them [THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE]

MeM is The Symbol for the word FROM.

(How efficient One can speak & write in Biblical Hebrew).

It attaches before the place/container we took something out of.

for example– Mi–HaRan – מחרן = מ + חרן // From–HaRaN Mi–MiiTzrayim – ממצרים = מ + מצרים // From–MiiTzrayiim (Distresses) "Egypt". Mi–Beiithi – מביתי = מ+ביתי // From–my–House Mi–Shamayim – מ+שמים // From–The–Heavens.

Here, the Mem attaches to the word MaROM - Highest Heavens-

Mi–MaRom – ממרום = מ+מרום // From The Highest Heavens-

Outside of Time & Space.

The Sages Transmit That before creation God created the "blueprint" for creation The Torah & The building blocks of reality- The Aleph Bet- which predate existence

(Mideroosh Beresheath). For The 22 Symbols Of The Torah - are the symbols all reality is evidently made with, visually & observed when looking at a

pillar/hook ו vav- depicts a pillar & hook

or a Cup כ kaph - depicts a cup on its side

or a Tree עץ eyin ע + extended tzadi ץ looks like a tree

or a Hand ה - visually a hand & numerically 5 deeper 14...

or Fire אש - visually flames shooting up (-RZC)

or Elephant פיל - visually ear eye trunk of elephants (-AE)


As mentioned our goal is to try to flip the sad use of this verse here, used for this negative prophecy if things do not change (which is good because it is the very warning some need to get to the people to change to avert such crises - the collective karma - heading our way unless we change the future by changing our actions in the present- saying: "MiMaROM" "From The Highest Heavens" [Will be in the future decreed measure for measure by The One- Ultimate - Just - God] A Fire that is to be sent in "my Bones" [IN MY FORTIFIED CITIES that are built strong like bones (] & Will Lower/Diminish them to be [conquered] by the enemy...[AS ALWAYS - IF PEOPLE DO NOT REPENT & UNDO THE DAMAGES CAUSED TO THEMSELVES & OTHERS] [See Targoom – The Transmitted initial meaning of the text]:

What is the flip-side to such a frightening verse?

From The Highest Heavens God Sent THE FIRE OF TORAH - THE SPOKEN TORAH THAT SETS ABLAZE THE DARKNESSES OF THE NIGHT - & ILLUMINATES THE PATH OF THE ONE INFINITE LOVING GOD - WHO IS NOT AT ALL THE MONSTER GOD TAUGHT IN THE WORLD- BUT ONE COMPLETE MALE&FEMALE UNITE TO CREATE LIFE- LOVING PERFECT PARENTS WHO LOVE THEIR CHILDREN & GIVE THEM THE 22 KEYS & THE GUIDE SCRIBED WITH THESE 22 SYMBOLS- TO SUCCEED IN ALL THEY DO & LIVE THE BEST LIFE YOU MAY NEVER EVEN HAVE DREAMED OF. MAROM מרום – spelt vowelized using aleph bet would be מארום MAROM symbol for letter. These symbols spell the 2 Torahs of God- FIRE & WATER אור מים The Spoken Torah compared to Fire at night - The Pillars of Fire- illuminates the darkness- explains clarifies like the sun- all.

& The Scribed Torah compared to Water in the day flowing down from the highest heavens to the lowest levels meant for kids beginning to speak - The Pillars of Clouds (Water) seeing symbols clearly.

(Rabbi Ari Kahn Via The Vilna Gaon)

From the highest heavens down to the lowest places

& fire that takes 2 flints to spark the conversations investigations the figuring out all the meanings together - from Teacher to students - or friends to friends or man & women all face to face ALEPH as 1.

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