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Day 12 - LaMeD LOH I [Swear] I Do not (wish) for you all (your karma - if nothing changes)- GOODFLIP


Firstly unique that The Symbol Lamed which is the tallest symbol in The Aleph Bet & represents The Throne of God/Israel- here is scribed small in the beginning of this word. The Reason is found in ancient Midrashiim collected in the book Bateii Miidrashim available on by The Gaon Rabbi Shelomoh Aharon Weirtheiimer who transmits in the name of Rabbi Akivah - who teaches the reason is because at the start (currently at that time) Israel were on top of The world, & they will become small & lose their Kingdom if they stray from God's words. Here Yirmiyah The Prophet years before any destruction- sent by The Good God to warn the people- they will lose their entire kingdom if they continue like this.

LOH לא is "NO" & usually spelled without the Vav. Here uniquely Loh IS spelled with a symbol Vav. The Targoom of The Word LOH with a Vav is ASHBEHiiTH (from Shevooah a swearing/promise)- & therefore means "I swear not upon you your karma if you do not repent- all you - passers of a road...

(no one who does evil to others can handle the karma that is heading their way - if they do not stop at once & change & begin to undo all the damages they did to all living & especially to people (for God does not pardon interpersonal sins. This teaching is to wake up those who need to realize- to change right now - today - from this point forward & keep going keep trying you are on the way to the best life.)

The Language of Swearing in The Targoom that lines up under the word No - may be solved by this additional symbol Vav in the the word- I [SWEAR] I DO NOT - as The Symbol Vav visually represents a hand lifted up in the air- which is the language God says- "I will bring Israel to the land that I HAD "LIFTED MY HAND" TO GIVE THEM - & THE TARGOOM (MEANING) OF THE WORDS "LIFTED MY HAND" is I "SWORE" To Give them. This is why still today people when swearing lift their hand up before God.

I do not wish for you to see such pain & misery that awaits the truly evil humans - people who are smart for evil & trickery - as properly defined by The GRA Gaon Rabenu Eliyahoo. Rashah are those who are smart too- but for evil God forbid. The Flip side I swear i wish upon you all the greatest sweet Good in all The Worlds- that is the Greatest Gift ever Given- by God to humanity Called The Torah - Which is transmitted with these 22 most stunning symbols of The Aleph Bet - "There is no Designer Like HaShem" (Bavli Brakhot 9a in the name of Hannah The Prophetess).

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