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Day 10 - YooD - Yado - His Hand (he) Extended [THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE]

His Hand (he) extended- The "Narrower" Distress-or/Tormentor - Nebookhadnetzar The Wicked one & Unsheathed his sword/scythe & Cut off all her joyous things...

The Flip Side would be His Hand (HaShem) Extended- The Good Giver/Carer for all - & Put away the weapons of war, & Reconnect Her back to all her joyous things.

The Hand could be the hand that scribes the Aleph Bet that must be scribed perfectly copied by hand. Once we see The Hand of God- The Handiwork of God- The Script of God That Transmits the Entire Torah /Light/Guide/Wisdom of God to humanity - all will put away weapons of war - as stated by The Prophets- They will melt their weapons into plowshears to work the soil to plant food for the world - & We will finally be reconnected to all our joyous things- The Aleph Bet That fill us with wisdom & happiness- the very 2 keys to True Prophecy -RZC.

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