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13in x 19in highest quality paper BH




based on HaGaon HaRav Aryeh Kaplan's sketch in the sefer HaBahir. from the Tana Nechunia Ben HaKaneh zyaa


void lacking everything so the light reaches down to illuminate it creation


hashem sustainzzzzzzz the entire universe every single second;  just like the virtual world exists as long as electricity (zzzzzzz) flows through the system, so too does the universe exist as long as hashem wills it to exist, generating it every single second BH. (nefesh hachaim)


and thats what we say in birkat hamazon- HaZZZZZZZan like the electricity that sustainzzzz the virtual world hashem sustainzzzz all reality. the videogame is real.



ZZZZZZZan // זן (poster)

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