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poster on the finest brightest available paper 13in x 19in:




this is the first word that opened up my eyes to seeing the depths of the torah.


at the time i was studying the first chapters of bereshith..


during kriat shma al hamita- this word jumped out at me- it was the center of my focus and stood out from the entire page...i noticed the letter tet looks exactly like a snake. (and i confirmed that is exactly one of the things symbolized by the tet- snake Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan ZTVKL in the introduction to the Sefer Yetzira - i dont learn kabala) and then i was shocked...


the tet is a snake...


who was the first person to eat from the tree- chet - chava


and after her? - a adam-


and here you have in the word chet translated incorrectly as sin- the exact 3 characters of the first "sin".


and the snake came in between them- exactly the placement of the tet in between adam and chava. dividing them apart-


but our sages teach that the snake is for the good- the yetzer hara is actually a good thing- because it makes a man look at a women and want to be with her and start a family. that which divides simultaneously connects- the yetzer hara split them - but that same yetzer hara will reunite them BH.


this word shows how its all pictoral,


and the definition of words is in the word itself.


and the torah is so beautiful and deep and real.






theres much more to say but im curious what you will come up with. let me know




tongue drawn by Hanna Waide shlita


CHET / חטא / SIN x MISS (poster)

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