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The Depths of The Word YISRAEL ישראל (ISRAEL) by AHAVA=ECHAD

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

If God is "invisible" or completely transcendent- Above & Beyond-

How do we know God is here?

How do we know there is "a God" at all?

What is a proof of "God"?


A MaSHaL -

An example-

(a real world example

used to help understand)- How would we know that there is a King&Queen (togetheras1)

somewhere on earth- & That King&Queen (togetheras1) is* concerned with us here?-

How do we know there is The "Holy" ONE

(= perfect male & female unity that create life) ?

(as in the verse-)

(Beresheath "Genesis") -
"an outstanding-man leaves his parents house, & cleaves to his (Marriage) OUTSTANDING-woman (CONSENTED) & they become ONE.."

(Meaning ONE is the perfect unity of Male & Female that united create life.

"Blessed" source of all - He&She - Who are ONE -

& called The Creator in singular = ONE-

for only when ONE together do they create life.) _ When an earthly King & Queen

want to send a message to the world, or get something done in the kingdom-

They use messengers.

It is through the messengers

that people in far away lands

can know that there is a King & Queen.

By the way the messengers act (most importantly) -

both towards one another & (especially) towards others

& the important messages they carry

all in The Name of The King & Queen- Different from all human king & queens

(see future article King vs True King).

Not only that,

but the words of The King & Queen are written in The Special Royal Script

Unique only to The King & Queen

Copied/Scribed Perfectly onto royal parchment

made from the hydes of kosher animals -

perfectly copied as written & dictated by The King & Queen

& proofed & ensured from The King & Queen- Themself*= & this original beautiful royal script - has Infinite depth to each symbol-

& these messengers wear royal yet modest garbs as per the King&Queens guidance- & possess a modest clean, kempt, look

(each to the best of their ability,) (& to not judge but if to judge then judge favorably)-

& are like Noah & Naamah- easy going & pleasant

& follow the Ethics of Our Ancestors (Pirkei Avoth)

The ManuEL ("with us is God") (Manual)

containing the outlined shorthand ways of acting-

of The King & Queen.

So every detail of the messengers

& the symbols they possess & the messages they carry is a reflection of The Kingdom

of The King & Queen;

how the King & Queen act.


Now in this world here on earth- The messengers that are supposed to represent Thee King&Queen - The Infinite ONE- here in this world-

this universe -

this concealment

עולם עלם .

is Beith Yisrael

The House of Yisrael



What is so significant

about The word YiiS'RaEL?


"ISRAEL" AhavaEchad presents:

In order to understand a word or concept we need to meditate on that very word in Biblical Hebrew.

Now, finally,

we can begin

to notice many many things... all the things we are each meant to notice...

& by doing this- experience The Depth of Creativity & Brilliance of The Infinite One.

Who Spoke & Coded all reaily & Generates it constantly

Like the electricity & code to the videogame. (Jin kahuna via Nefesh HaChaim)


Yisrael ישראל

is one word

that is made up of 2 smaller words

with a dividing symbol in between-

יש ר אל

Beginning on the right side of the image above,

& scanned from right to left- < < <

we have the word-


>YeSH - (source of "YeS") - "There is"

& on the left we have the word-

אל EL

"A singular God-

constant flowing power"-

[generating all reality].

or simply-

Yesh - "There is"

EL - "A God/singular constant power".


What about the symbol Reish ר in the middle of this "word"?


This symbol we think stands for the word- Raqiiyaa - רקיע


from the root Reqaa- רקע a background/expansive area

Because the ר Raqiiya רקיע- firmament/expanse

is what divides or separates between-

The ש = Shamayim שמים - Heavens

. & Aleph א = A'ReTz Earth - ארץ


Why is this significant?

because as we all know

the sky is either- 1. clear- & we can see clearly or 2. cloudy- & we can not see a thing...

Based on our actions we prove God.

If we keep follow the path of The Infinite ONE

as outlined in The Torahs (Spoken & Scribed)- SUMMED UP/CONDENSED INTO 22 STUNNING SYMBOLS-

& occupy in א the Gift that is ב Torah in her True Form in these

Ashurith Symbols - The Symbols of Assurance (from The King&Queen) Given through these symbols & non other -

& emulate The Infinite ONE's King & Queens actions

called - Mitzvoth- (mistranslated as "commandments")- & ג RUN to do good things,

& help others ד reaching out -

then the sky is clear- The reish is clear-

Yesh El יש אל

There is The One - The One Singular God/Power

that sent such amazing people in this world

& we all want to come close to the Infinite One- too.

& the opposite is unfortunately true as well - if we don't act like The Infinite ONE-

if we don't have respect for one another,

& for the world around us- then the raqiyah- firmament/sky is cloudy- till so cloudy- we can not even see

that there is a God at all anymore-

God forbid...

the Yesh יש- is blocked & vanishes from us,

& all we are left with is El- ר - אל rash el- a lacking of God- or just some foreign powers under the Heavens

claiming to be El - God.


Now. Our sages transmit {from Sinai}

that our world/universe/concealment- down here on Earth- is compared to ל nighttime- Laylah

for it is so dark as Night- Laylah - לילה - at times, (Olam עולם translated as "the universe" is from the word alem עלם "conceal" - because the universe on one hand- conceals The Infinite One's immanence- In The Infinite ONE's Infinite-Humility, so hidden & truly the most humble. // One the other hand the universe reveals the master work of The Most Masterful

Artist; Brilliant Creator;

Designed Everything For Good)

& above & beyond The- Heavens- The Spiritual realms & the universe that is arriving (this universe perfected)- is compared to י Yom - "day"

for it is bright as day - & all will be clear before all-

& here we have the full worlds in order -

יום שמים רקיע ארץ לילה

Our goal is to light up this universe of darkness- to bring the Light of The Infinite ONE-

down & out into the universe/concealment

& illuminate this dark world-

& be beacons of light to flip it back to The Goodness as Gifted by The Infinite ONE.

How do we do this? Shelomoh (Solomon) The King The Wisest Wealthiest Most Powerful Prophet & King in history reveals in one of his 3 works- Mishlei- (Proverbs) The Parables Examples of King Solomon son of David reveals-

’’כי -

נר = מצוה, // ותורה = אור’’ (משלי פרק ו, פסוק כג)

"A mitzvah (A GodLY ACTION)- is A torch, & The Torah - is the Light/Aura (Fire).” (Proverbs 6, 23)

by our actions we prove there is a God-

By struggling with an angel = evil urge / satan / angel of death- & triumphing-

as Yaaqov / Jaqob did-

& then was given the name Yisrael- ISRAEL the Scripture writes- & Yaaqov asked The Angel-

on a deeper level as we mentioned above וישאל יעקב and Yakov Yesh El- proved “there is a God”

(simple translation is Yaaqov asked -

but this word still is bizarre in this instant

for it could have just said Yaqov said...) & so this could explain the double language -

when yaqov first asked then said

וישאל יעקב ויאמר

He just proved that Yesh EL there is a God-

by fighting with the angel all night long

& winning/ emerging victorious.

& The same is scribed/copied by Yosseph - Joseph -

by being sold & locked alone in jail in egypt - at 17 years old-

& still smiling & being concerned for the people there- & asking them whats bothering you- how can i help?

again we have the allusion to the word יש אל

וישאל יוסף

& Yoseph proved there is a God

. (More on this in the pamphlet structure of Tanakh B”H)


furthermore. The RaM'Baa"N emphasizes the following transmission From The Sages-

מעשה אבות סימן לבנים (The lives of our ancestors (as recorded in TaNaKh

are a futuristic sign for their children- what may happen in the future.

Everything the forefathers went through as recorded in Torah

alludes to future events through time to us right now - & how it affect us-

This is also seen directly in the word Yisrael ישראל- Israel

Being the very initials

of All The Patriarchs & Matriarchs-

י יצחק יעקב ש

שרה ר רבקה רחל א

אברהם ל


here arranged by the symbols -

& arranged in order of chronology -

Y = YiSS'HaQ (Isaac) & Ya'aqov (Jacob)

S = Sa'RaH (Sarah)

R = Rivqah (Rebecca)

A = Abh'Ra'HaaM (Abraham)

L = Le'aah (Leah)

(AhavaEchad asked if there is an earlier souce-

Rabbi Allen Shwartz found it in The רוקח Rokeah 900 years ago.)

We are alive because of their merits. & we have strength to exist because of their strength.

Also- All Those who walk in the ways of The Patriarchs & Matriarchs can be said to be "children" on some level as the sages Transmit

by Abhraham & SaRaH (Abraham & Sarah)

Each one of us is a

ישראלי notice that the yud- at the very top- the very right side, is brought down into this world- the darkness-

we emulate The Infinite ONE - We manifest The Infinite ONE in this world WHEN WE ACT AS The Infinite ONE ACTS AS OUTLINED



Now here is a huge difference-

We humans are NOT & NEVER "GOD"- The Infinite ONE.

Man&Woman is not God. but Man&Woman can EMULATE God. & Man&Woman are the closest EMULATION OF The Infinite ONE.

Now. another explanation for the symbol Reish ר in the middle of Yisrael is-

רוח wind/spirit

Wind is an invisible force

that you can not see it-

but you can FEEL it & see its effects.

As Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan writes- we are not aware

of the constant sea of air

that surrounds us at all times; only when the wind begins to blow- do we feel it;

only when it moves - we realize it is there.

So we -all people-

walking in the ways of Yisrael - ISRAEL-

by our actions-

increase Godly awareness in this world.


Now. The more we emulate Hashem,

the higher we "ascend" or become closer to God, & the more we bring more Godliness into the world.

It's as if we climb & descend a ladder...



ל א ש י The value of the symbol Yood is 10 the symbol Reish is 200 the symbol Lamed is 30 let's drop the zero's

& get to the essence of the number-

the digit י=1 ר=2 ל=3

it is a decent- that Godly light-י-

descends down the levels

into our dark world-

simultaneously as we ascend-

ישראל א=1 ר=2 ש=3 (Shin is 300,

& Aleph is 1.)

This is the ladder of ascent & descent

that Ya'aqov saw in the dream-

that reaches the highest point,

& it's bottom is planted in the land...


we descended into this dark world.

so we can elevate it & acend back

& bring everyone up with us.


(the following is little experimental-). This may help us understand certain passages better- וישא אברהם את עיניו

וירא את המקום מרחוק

perhaps- everything is mental- we see what we want to see-

or what we prepare ourselves mentally to see-

perspective- Avraham prepared his eyes-

he removed the ר = רקיע the divider- so he can see clearly, .וירא - "& then he saw"

Or the Kohanim blessing-

יאר ה' פניו אליך ויחנך

ישא ה' פניו אליך

וישם לך שלום still a work in progress-

if you have any ideas how to explain this better

please let me know.)

Now Another proof corroboration/confirmation of this explanation

is simply to follow the order in Beresheath ("Genesis") & write it out.

Seemingly before the creation of "Light"- there was "the water"

that the breath of Elokim

hovered upon-

so we begin with

Mayim - "Water"


now The Infinite ONE said-

ויהי אור "and there was "Light The Infinite ONE saw The Light was good

so split it from the darkness/"withholdment"-

*HHoshekh* (ח = HH) חשך darkness & light are opposites-

so we will place them apart from each other- so far we have - אור מים חשך

^Darkness ^Water ^Light

The Infinite ONE called the Light Yom - יום

and to the darkness Laylah - "Night"

לילה so now we have-

אור=יום מים חשך=לילה

Then The Infinite ONE says

let there be a firmament-

יהי רקיע where? בתוץ המים inside the water- ויהי מבדיל בין מים למים and it divided the waters





ויקרא לרקיע שמים

The Infinite ONE called (that which is) above & over the Raqiyah- Shamayim

so we have- שמים



to recap- אור=יום





then The Infinite ONE said- let the lower waters

gather to one spot,

revealing the earth,

and The Infinite ONE called the land- Aretz -ארץ

and The Infinite ONE called the oceans- Yamim ימים

& now we have it all-


מים=שמים רקיע

מים=ארץ+ימים חשך=לילה

This is why The Sages call The First Fifth of a Torah Scroll (What are called The 5 books

are really called The Five FIFTHS

that together are ONE fluid story.) "Sepher HaYetzirah"-

The Book of The Formation"

The Sphere containing The information about The Formation"

The Formation of The Universe & The Concept of Yisrael. Yisrael is a seed that contains the entire universe & the purpose of the creation of the universe - to house people who emulate The Infinite ONE.

Thanks be To The Infinite ONE

for revealing the indescribably beautiful Gift

That is The TorahS to Yisrael

& to teach The Entire world The ways of The Infinite ONE,

May we strive to be True messengers

& True representatives

by being True Emulators

of The Infinite ONE.

& be the children of Yisrael/Israel

that The Infinite ONE & all people of earth

would proud of -

From The Eternal King&Queen.



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