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The Atomic Energy Of The Hebrew Aleph Bet

It is interesting to think about how the human body is composed of the same objects that generate the device you are reading this article on. These objects are known as atoms. According to Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity (E=mc^2), the reason certain materials are visible to the human eye is because the atoms of which they are composed are vibrating at a frequency slower than the speed of light. Consequently, any particle whose frequency is vibrating faster than the speed of light is imperceptible to the human eye.1

The Torah states that the Infinite created light on the first “day” of creation. Hashem said, “Let there be light (יהי אור)’’ and there was light.

In other words, the Infinite used the power of speech, of sound, to bring “light” and the rest of the world into existence. This is the source of the phrase “AbraCadabra,” from the Aramaic phrase “אבראכאדברא’’ meaning “I create as I speak.” This is also the reason as to why דבר is both the Biblical Hebrew word for “speak” and “thing” as all things are created by speech. Additionally, דבר has the same numerical value (206) as the Biblical Hebrew word for “see” (ראה) as all things that are seen are created by the word of the Infinite Creator.

But what did the Infinite speak with? The Zohar states that the Infinite created the potential of the Hebrew Aleph Bet before the world was created. That makes sense from a logical perspective: in order for one to speak, one must think the words, create the sound, and then modulate the sound with the throat, teeth, and tongue. One doesn’t need to go to Kabbalistic sources to see this Truth. The first verse of the Torah is translated as “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.” However, the Torah wasn’t given in English, and studying it in the original language is paramount, since much can be lost in translation. When looking in the Torah, the Hebrew states:

The key word lost in translation here is the word ”את.” As Rabbi Dov Ber2 explains in Or Torah, את is a direct reference to the Aleph Bet which span from the symbols Aleph א to Tav ת:

“Et את is an untranslatable word used to indicate that “a definite direct object is next” (so there needs to be an et before the heavens and the earth).” The Hebrew text literally reads: In the beginning, created God את the heavens and את the earth. As “את” denotes the Hebrew Aleph Bet, the Rav reasons, “In the beginning God created the Aleph-Bet. Since God did this before creating the heavens and the earth, the letters are considered to be the primordial ‘building blocks’ of all of creation.” To expound further, atoms which are sustained by vibrating frequencies composed of the energy created by the Hebrew Aleph Bet are the building blocks of creation.

One doesn’t have to take this assertion on blind faith. One can study the Aleph Bet as seen on a Torah scroll in its original form, the way Rabbi Akiva did at the outset of his spiritual journey. In that form, one will note each individual symbol’s shape, number, sound, function, and more. Things that one already knows to be true are confirmed, and one comes to the inevitable conclusion that no human being could have ever created a script so interconnected, timeless, and foundational. The Aleph Bet in and of itself is the Truth, the אמת from Aleph א to Mem מ to Tav ת. Once one comes to the realization that the Hebrew ָAleph Bet is of alien nature, it becomes clear that an Infinite Creator with intention designed everything we see around us because He/She loves each and every one of us and wants the best for us.

The love and inspiration that springs forth after one has this epiphany is incredible and will make one want to continue exploring Hashem’s infinite wisdom contained in these ancient symbols as opposed to being forced to do so. This will lead to a more clear and positive outlook on the world around us, which inevitably leads to more desirable outcomes and a more meaningful and happy life. The evidence of an Infinite Creator exists. One just needs to let go of preconceived notions and look at things from an objective point of view. We hope you join us in spreading Hashem’s infinite light, thereby pushing away the darkness of uncertainty and improving the lives of our brothers and sisters around the globe.

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  1. While studying the nature of particles that vibrate faster than the speed of light leads down a fascinating rabbit hole where the concepts of quantum mechanics and Kabbalah converge, that is beyond the scope of this article and I encourage one to research the phenomenon themselves.

  2. Known as The Maggid of Mezritch

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