Updated: Sep 13, 2021

SHaNaH – שָנָה – YEAR – in Biblical Hebrew shares the same root symbols as the words SHoNeH שֹנֶה CHANGED/DIFFERENT & SHiNOON - שנן SHARPENING– Beginning with the symbol SHiiN ש which is The Exact sound of sharpening a sword.

This type of Link In Information is yet another monumental, foundational, thing- that is entirely lost in translation to every other language & Script.

The Message our Sages transmit is as follows. Every Year (ShaNaH) is a chance to change (SHoNeH) for the better- (different than that person we used to be or act like) & to (SHoNeH/ShiiNooN) Sharpen our skills- in Torah- especially.

Sharpening is a interesting thing. It requires going over the same exact blade several times at least. If you go over it once- it looks like nothing even happened. That is the same with memorization. Repetition is a big part of that.

The Goal is to Shoneh Letovah - Change for The Good each day each month & each year, & to become more Godlike people on earth- following in HaShem's Good ways - as revealed in The Lessons of The 22 Aleph Bet- & throughout the entire system of Torah- Spoken & Scribed. Shanah Tovah Umetukah.


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