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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In Biblical Hebrew (which is scanned from right to left)

SHaNaH – שָנָה – YEAR – which is the same symbols as the word SHoNeH שֹנֶה "CHANGED" or "DIFFERENTIATED" & SHiNOON - שנן SHARPENING– All Beginning with the symbol SHiiN ש which is The Exact sound of sharpening a sword. & has everything to do with Total weaponry mastery & war - all contained within the symbol Shin in its true form as copied scribed on an authentic Torah scroll from Sinai.

This type of Link In Information is yet another monumental, foundational, thing- that is entirely lost in translation to every other language & Script.

The Message our Sages transmit is as follows. Shanah- Year to Shoneh change- is also numerically 355. Using the aleph bet number chart-

Shin ש = 300 NooN 50 = נ Hey 5 = ה

because when The Infinite ONE coded for there to be a concept of a YEAR - the year was created - 355 days in the lunar calendar or deeply 355 because the first 10 days of existence- the 10 days between Rosh HaShanah & Yom HaKiiPooriim - the 10 days that "The Month that the creation of the universe took place in" Tishrei - "will dwell" - do not exist in Time - Vilna Gaon. whatever that even means for simple students like myself just beginning to learn. Every Year (ShaNaH שנה) is a chance to change (SHoNeH שונה) for the better- (different than that person we used to be or act like) & we focus to (SHoNeH/ShiiNooN משננים) constantly sharpen our skills- in Torah- especially. The Torah you learned when you were 5 is no longer the Torah you will read now.

Sharpening is also an interesting thing. Simple. It requires going over the same exact blade several times at least. If you go over it once- it looks like nothing even happened. That is the same with memorization. Repetition is a big part of that.

The Goal is to always Shoneh Letovah - Change for The Good each day each month & each year, & to become more Godlike people on earth- following in HaShem- The Infinite ONE's Good ways - our Infinite Perfect Parents Mother & Father- all as revealed in The Lessons of The 22 Aleph Bet- ment for kids- meant for beginners like The Great Sages Rabbi Akivah who only clicked at 40 the symbols with their deep Infinite meanings - no human created. & using the 22 symbols- the 22 master keys to The Torah & Life & use them & see them throughout the entire system of Torah & Life - Spoken Torah & Scribed. Shanah Tovah Umetukah.

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