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One Of Our favorite lessons - From The Origins Of Mosheh משה (Moses)

one of our fav lessons is that of the origins of Mosheh (Moses)- It does not mention the name of his parents- it does not mention the name of his siblings what it does mention is he was born in egypt the center of black magic & adultery etc. raised in the very palace of Pharaoh - the center of the center of corruption. to teach us - it does not matter who your parents are it does not matter who your siblings are it does not matter where you are born you have a head on you shoulders- you the soul can think for yourself & rise above any nurture & even nature by connecting with The Infinite ONE - by 'prayer' imagination meditation & by Torah- given with the 22 symbols. you can be what you lacked in the world

RAK via a Hassidic Master. (i'll try to find out exactly)

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