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Day 7 - Zaiiyiin - Zakherah - [She] "Remembered" - THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE

Zakherah - She Remembered -did Yerooshalayim/Jerusalem (Refered to in the feminine- (lost in translation) - The Good Days of The Past.

Zakherah is translated as remembered- but that is insufficient; For one can remember only in their mind to themselves. The Word Zikaron is maybe closer to Recalling- Saying it out loud - out of the mouth. (GR"A, Malbiim).

She Recalled out-loud the good days of the past- (All the years God was silently waiting for people to return out of freewill & repent for any evil- & undo damage we inflicted on others et cetera & be God like - till God needed to act in the world & show the people that A Just Good God is real & does not side with evil, & will pay back all evil if they do not change for good.

The FlipSide of Recalling Days of The Past- & Sad Negative things - is To Recall Good Prophesies of The Future - & Positive Things to be heard by ourselves & for others to hear The Truth of God- Recorded in Tanakh - The Original 24 Books of The Bible/Scripture Signed & Sealed by the last living prophets on earth- before the close of prophecy till today...

Recall & Remember these ancient yet MOST FUTURISTIC WORDS prophecies of God waiting to happen. God does not want to bring Mashiach if we are not ready for it - For God does not like to force anything- & God does not want us to be caught off guard- and to be unprepared - to be clueless at what is supposed to happen et cetera because God cares about every single living tiny creature - How much more so a human being- a miniature universe. If your parents love you Infinitely HaShem our Infinite Parents Love us at least that if not so much more. Zakherah HaSdeii Elokah VeTiVaSheAH

She Recalled The Free Loving Giving Kindnesses from Her God HaShem The Infinite One Being - & She Was saved from all & everything.

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