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Day 6 - Vav/Wow - WaYeiiTzeii(a) - & Exited - THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE.

WaYeiiTzeii & Went out/existed - From The Daughter of Tzion (City of David) All Her Radiant Beauty/Splendor. The opposite of such a thing is obvious once stated out loud. The Flip Side would be All Her Radiant Beauty/Splendor was restored to Her city. The Radiant Beauty/Splendor of existence is called KTAV ASHURITH The Script of Assurance- The Script of The Real 22 Aleph Bet as seen copied & scribed on an Authentic Torah scroll. Devine Radiance & Beauty Alien wisdom of The Infinite One generating reality, Creator of The Aleph Bet & All (thereby all) Existence evidently built with these symbols & concepts & sounds.

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