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Day 3 - ג - Gimmel: GaLeTHaH "[She] went in exile". attempting to flip the sadness of The Aleph Bet to joy.

The Aleph Bet Acrostic of Megillath Kinot continues with the 3rd verse beginning with the 3rd symbol of The Aleph Bet- Gimmel.

It is used to begin the word GaLeThaH גלתה – "[She] went in exile"... together with you, will attempt to find the flip-side of this word & concept & see the happiness good that could have been // that will be BH. What is the flip side of Galooth - Going in Exile? Is there any good to it?

The Sages reveal in Bavli Pesahiim 87b ( A Shocking Teaching:

ואמר רבי אלעזר

& Said did Rabbi Eliezer [The Great;] [A Convert To Israel]:

לא הגלה הקב"ה את ישראל לבין האומות

Did not exile- The Holy One-Source of All - Israel - to between the nations

אלא כדי שיתווספו עליהם גרים,

rather only in order so that should attach/increase over them CONVERTS-


as said [in the verse]

וזרעתיה לי בארץ,

& [I HaShem] will seed/plant them (Israel), for me, in the land (around the world)-

כלום אדם זורע סאה

There is no human who plants a decent amount of good seed

אלא להכניס כמה כורין,

rather only in order to bring into his home way more multitudes of produce-

ורבי יוחנן אמר מהכא,

& Rabbi Yohanan said from here- [This verse- (too)]

ורחמתי את לא רוחמה...

"& I [HaShem The Infinite One] will bring mercy-like-a-protective-womb,

over [her] that [she] is not "mercied" over -

(that no one (few) has mercy over her (Israel) in this exile).

Gimmel is about the Galooth exile- which forces one to leave their Bet Bayit House. Lech Lecha.

Firstly- visually the symbol Gimmel depicts someone walking or running on the go - exile. (As the kids teach in the lesson of The Aleph Bet. (see TorahGifs by Ahava=Echad.)

Galithah גלתה "She was exiled" is from the word גלות GaLooth - exile/exposure- from the word גלוי GaLooy - exposed/revealed, from the word GaL גל - a wave of the ocean- which has to do with the symbol ל Lamed because a GaL גל a wave of the ocean is the currently exposed part of the ocean that is sticking up above the water - & the symbol Lamed ל visually is the tallest symbol in The Aleph Bet- the top of which is really a symbol Vav ו on top of a symbol Kaph כ-& sticks up above the line, like a wave of the ocean- sticking up above the waters. -RZC Galooth is about being exposed revealed before all. Leaving Home, & interacting with The World.

The point of this interaction is supposed to be for The Good,

To be like Abaraham & Sarah going around from place to place to help people leave the darkness & depressing idolatries called "Depressors" that depress their users- (because they usually involve child sacrifice or human sacrifice at the highest levels (God Forbid) which is the entire point of The Akeidah - Binding of Isaac To teach the world God does not desire child sacrifices) & reconnect humanity directly to The One & Only Infinite God - Our Perfect Parents who love their children - & gave them The Guide To Life & reconnect with God's wisdom on earth - The 2 Torahs (Lights Instructions Wisdom) of God- All Given with The 22 Symbols of God- as seen scribed on an authentic scroll.

Here in exile- by being a good person which is depicted by the symbol Gimmel- which is Running to help the poor- and visually a person extending a helping hand -(AhavaEchad) & Filling in what people lack & helping them to the point they do not need help anymore (LeHiiGamel). (Rabbi Zamir Cohen).

When people see a True representative of HaShem's Torah- that just by looking at you & your good actions- (kind, caring, thoughtful, clean, neat,) they will say "blessed is the infinite God - The One Amazing God Whom you serve.

Giving Goodness Gimmel to be GamooL - weaned off of help.

Helping people in the most dignified way Like Abraham & Sarah.

Walking in The Ways of God.

The Secret of Gimmel.

The point of Galooth.

Help bring truth seekers close to The Truth itself- The EMET אמת from Aleph Till Mem Till Tav- the entirety of the 22 symbols First middle last- and what each one depicts.

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