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Day 2 Bet - ב – Bachoh [She] cried (Past Tense)

(see Day 1 for the lengthy intro. here we get right into flipping the aleph bet of sadness (the acrostic of Megilath Eiichah/KiiNot Lamentations into the flip side of happiness- what was supposed to be- and will be in the future.)

The 2nd verse of Megilath Kinoth is The Second Symbol of The Aleph Bet - BET- numerically 2.

Bet begins the word BACHOH בכה [She] cried (Past Tense).

Let us examine The Flip-sides of Crying

Bet Numerically 2 - the least amount to be considered plural - the word “they” is unclear how many but we know it is at least 2. other wise it would be not they but she or he.

there are 2 eyes that can cry

& there are 2 different reasons to for crying.

one is from genuine sadness, one is from genuine happiness.

& happiness has different levels too-

either through experiencing true joy or beauty - (the wisdom of God in these stunning symbols of the real aleph bet- or through hilarity- something hilarious - or hearing amazing stand up comedy- some legendary comedians can make you laugh so hard you cry too.

i think we speak for all that we all obviously seek the second way of crying over sad crying any day.

The way to avoid sooo much sadness & depression & instead filling our lives with happiness & joy & the most useful relevant, applicable, never-expiring, wisdom of God - all achieved through the study of the 22 symbols of God; The Special Shapes of The Symbols The Scribed/Written Torah Scroll is copied by hand with & finally hear/see what each of the 22 symbols depict on their own, & then begin to understand how these symbols combine to code for different words/things/concepts & begin to understand all information- & all languages & it all now all starts to make 5ENSE & connects everything in the right way, & go through life with the Wisdom of Torah- with the 22 Symbols- that the entire Torah is transmitted with.

The best most effective prayer is to cry from joy & beauty of The Torah’s Information & Messages Teachings to Humanity- & from The beauty of This Universe Designed by The Most Masterful Artist

when examined as it was created pristine clean devine- even today the untouched areas God created the beauty of the universe & all these creatures & bright amazing colors & super abilities There is no Designer Like God - to quote Hannah The Prophetess- The Mother of Shemooel - The Prophet - In her most far reaching prophecy from the joy she experienced having been given a son- & a son like The Prophet Shemooel- in The Song of Hannah - in opening of the book of Shemooel.

all as transmits Rabbi Akivah in the merit of Rachel

Aleiihem HaSHaLoM עליהם השלום

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