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Day 14 - NooN - NiSQaD - Was Set Ablaze The Yoke of My Karma- due to my rebellions// GOOD FLIP SIDE

Niisqad - is a seldom used word - if ever repeated.

This may be the only use...

It is. (Thanks


When that happens, the only way to begin to get an idea of what this Scripture Word means, is to look at the Targoom of this verse, of course. The Targoom which is The Transmitted Initial Meaning of the Words themselves; The Inseparable Partner/ "Helper/Against him" of The Text.

There are 3 Targooms for the 3 sections of Tanak. Torah NeviiM Ketuvim. The Light/Guide // The Prophets // The Prophetic Writings. Our Sages Transmit: (Bavli Meglia 3a)

Onkelous Thee* Convert Transmits the Targoom of Torah The Light/Guide- From The Mouth of The Sages Rabbi Eliezer & Rabbi Yehoshua

Yonatan Ben Uzziel (The Top Student of Hillel HaZaken- (Bavli Sooka 28a)) transmits the Targoom of Neviim - From HaGaii Zekhariah & Malakhi (The Last 3 Living Prophets on earth). (Bavli Meglia 3a)

Rav Yosseph "Sagii Nahor" "Too-much Light" A Tana- transmits the Targoom of Ketuviim The Prophetic Writings.

Being that this "[Revelation of] Lamentations" (See Day 1 post) is from the 3rd Section of Tanak Scripture- The Ketooviim - The Prophetic-Writings/Scribings Section - This will be the Targoom Rav Yosseph "Sagii Nahor" "Too-Much Light" transmits & walks us through these most cryptic verses.

Now, With The Targoom, this verse is meaning to say-

(as all the verses in this Revelation of Lamentations are - that only if Israel/humanity does not repent- tragedy can take place as described here-)

Nisqad - "it was ignited/set ablaze"

(Being that this verse is a prophecy of God it is said in the past tense as though it had already happened- which means to say- this is what will happen in the future for sure, if people do not repent. It is as good as done/ considered as if it already happened- if people do not change their actions now, to change the future outcome).

The full verse with Targoom (meaning of the verse) reads:

Nisqad - "Was ignited"/"Became Set Ablaze" (Targoom HaKeter)

The Yoke/burden [of the bad karma] of my [actions,

due to my] rebellions against God,

[& now losing the kingdom (see Day 12) i now feel the consequences of my actions,

being given over] in The Hand [of my enemies]

[by The Order of The Just Good God, Who will eventually need to act in the world & pay back evil, & discipline children- To show humanity that The Real God does not side with evil & desire evil. God only allowed it go on because God was waiting for the people to return to God & Good - to repent fully, as is always the case, thankfully, before any calamity scribed in Scripture. God cares; True Verifiable Prophets of HaShem are sent;

Warnings Given; Teachings Taught;


but ultimately if people do not listen & change & undo damages-

eventually the negative prophecies will take hold.

The Sages highlight - Evil outcomes can always be averted.

[See The Prophecy Of Yonah son of AaMiiTaii]

& so, the ultimate question of our series here-

what is the flip-side of

"to be ignited by the bad karmic weight & effects, of our negative actions?"

to be ignited by the good karmic effects of our good & positive actions of course.

& This is precisely alluded to in the very symbol NooN (that begins this verse) itself.

Noon visually represents a person on his knees before the Melekh - "True-King"- (by the will of free people - RAKRMSRY) (see O.R.A. Otiot Rabbi Akivah ("Symbols of Rabbi Akivah")).

In Prayer, if the person lifts their arms palms up before God- like a beggar before the king - That is The Symbol Tzaddi צ. Which begins the Aramaic word צלותא Tzlothah Prayer but has to do with TZalii Esh- Roasted by Fire- Praying before God- roasting before The Creator & Generator of Fire Light Electricity & All Existence every second (Jin Kahunah Via Nefesh HaChaim) When we ask God it is humbling & displays real humility- asking before The True-King- Crowned by all. Noon represents being humble which averts the need for any humbling events to take place. Rather be humbled through Torah - God's wisdom. By being Godlike - The most Humble Being (Almost undetected- not disturbing anyone) Kind - caring to help people in a dignified beautiful way, uplifting people, giving happiness & warmth & wisdom & cetera - we will reap the good karma headed our way in the future- as well as experience & partake in the healing of humanity & the planet today - immediately pleasurable & beautiful.

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