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Day 11 - Kaph - KoL - "ALL" Her Nation are losing it/anxious from hunger" [THE GOOD FLIP-SIDE].

"All her nation are losing their composure/anxious from hunger"

What is The Flip Side of such a seemingly negative prophecy?

Rav Yosseph "Too Much Light" transmits in very opening Targoom to Rooth - The Meaning/Partner/Walkthrough of Megillath Rooth - The Revelation of Ruth- That there are 10 global famines decreed since the beginning of time, up until will arrive The King- HaShem The Infinite One- with Mashiach- To reprove the people of Earth [with the Truth of The 22 Symbols of God- The 22 Symbols the entire Torah is transmitted with.]

The 10th & Final Hunger - The Prophet Amos is quoted saying-



ימים באים

Days are coming נאם אדני ייי

Trustworthy are the words of The Infinite God Giver of The Torah Spoken & Scribed

והשלחתי רעב בארץ

I (HaShem) will send forth a famine in Earth

לא רעב ללחם ולא צמא למים

Not a Famine/Hunger for Bread/ & Not a Thirst for water

כי אם לשמוע את דברי ייי :

because if // rather only - to hear The Words of The Infinite The Spoken Torah. More explicitly-

To hear words of prophecy from HaShem once again.

So The flip side the hunger for Words of Torah is participating in this Prophecy

but also a full flipping of the verse- the people are no longer anxious for they have experienced Gods Reality & Truth & Goodness & Amazingness Through The Study of The 22 Symbols The Entire Torah is Given in - & The Torahs scribed with these Alien Beautiful Stunning Symbols - No human created.

God is real, & Good, & not the zeus monster we are taught in the world.

So The Full flip of the verse-

All her people are satiated & relaxed calm & tranquil from the abundance of God's words that heal & soothe & protect & assure of Good

Thank you God for giving us the 22 symbols that transmit all the most needed information.

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