49 days 49 levels of Holiness, Understanding, Light, & 49 levels of defilement, death, darkness.

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The Day After Pesach we begin counting 7 weeks, 7 days per week, 7 x 7 = 49 days, leading to The 50th Day i.e. Shavuoth (The Holiday of "Weeks") The giving of The Torahs - The Lights of Wisdom of The Infinite - to humans.

The Sages teach that these 49 days are to elevate us level after level, after falling to nearly the 50th & lowest level in Egypt- death itself.

The Sages transmit there are 49 levels of Binah- (Understanding), & opposite them are the 49 levels of Not Understanding, to put it simply. Not understanding things is a form of death; we ask why are these things happening to me/us/the world??- & conversely understanding how the world works, we are happier and wiser & know how things work to better adjust to reality.

What are these 49 levels of understanding and not understanding? These are The 49 Aleph Bet- 27 in The Script of Ashurith (The Script of Assurance) (exactly as scribed on a Torah scroll) & 22 in The Script of Ivri- Ancient Israel seen in ancient artifacts.

The 49 levels of Understanding are understanding these 49 symbols, fully- meaning their shapes/forms/names/meanings/number values/powers/functions etc. The 49 levels of Not Understanding would be not understanding these 49 symbols- and never seeing them in their true forms, and never hearing what they mean.

Each of these 49 days lets focus on a single symbol to study it, master it, and incorporate it in our daily lives, until we learn all 49 symbols, so that we can directly receive The Torahs on The 50th Day.

Begin at the bottom left of the chart- X marks the spot- the symbol Tav which means a futuristic sign & is the source of the greek Xeta, English X (visually) (but audibly the sound of a T/t and visually a T on a tilt) & moving from left to right, then up- all moving from the end of the Aleph Bet in Ivri towards The Aleph on the top right- in Ktav Ashurith.

The Ktav Ivri symbols are based on the explanation by Michael Bernstein: Notes are added by AHAVAECHAD abbreviated as AE.

We begin at the bottom left of the chart- moving right, then we move up, going through 7 weeks x 7 days = 49 symbols:

-WEEK 1 (KTAV IVRI - source of Greek/Latin/Cyrillic English Russian scripts) day 1 - Tav means a mark of an X, as in X marks the spot.

day 2 - SHin is shein (singular), shinayim (plural) - tooth/teeth.

day 3 - Resh is a head. rosh. head and neck. [note: over time, Resh and Dalet both came for a period to be written as a triangle with a trailing line/stem]

day 4 - qoph depicts a qoph, monkey, to be precise, its branch-seated & hanging tail.

day 5 - TZadi is a snare or a fish-hook, probably from tzad, to trap or catch.

day 6 - Peh is a peh- a mouth. Some scribes wrote Peh similar to Bei/Bet.

day 7 - Ayin is an Eye.


day 8 - Samech is from the word someich, lismoch, to support. It either shows a table or some kind of support peg.

day 9 - Noon is probably a nachash, serpent. (Fish in Aramaic - AE)

day 10 - Mem is mayim. water waves.

day 11 - Lamed is a Malmad, a cattle prod, a shepherd's crook.

day 12 - kaf is a hand/palm, spread fingers. like kaf the word. (visually a dog on its side - AE based on Badei HaARON)

day 13 - Yod - yad is a hand.

day 14 - Tet is a wheel. (Egg fused with Sperm X DNA inside the circle -AE who knows 9?)


day 15 - Het is disputed as to whether it depicts a Hatzer courtyard, or not. Some claim it depicts a spool-or-something of thread, chut. (A made bed of a married couple - AE.)

day 16 - Zayin means weapon, and ivri zayin depicts a weapon-hilt. (Sword drawing from a sheath - AE)

day 17 - Vav/Wow is a hook. (& a support pillar - AE).

day 18 - Heh is a disputed glyph. (A rough sketch of a hand spread fingers - AE.)

day 19 - Dalet is a delet- door. It's usually written as a triangle, representing a drawn-back tent-flap.

day 20 - Gimmel is a Gamal - Camel- hump or neck & head. (Depicts a person Running & Giving -AE)

day 21 - Bet is a bayit, a house. often drawn with a lower horizontal line, it's basically a doodle of a house or tent in a kid's drawing - square with a point top.


day 22 - Aleph is an ox - side-on, with yoke. (or its ears - AE)


day 23 -

day 24 -

day 25 -

day 26 -

day 27 -

day 28 -


day 29 -

day 30 -

day 31 -

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day 33 -

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day 36 -

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-WEEK 7 day 43 -

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day 48 -

day 49 -



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