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Public Administration By Dr Sultan Khan Pdf EXCLUSIVE

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Public Administration By Dr Sultan Khan Pdf EXCLUSIVE

The hacking process started by McDonald involved use of the LevelDebugger tool to inspect the function pointers used by the game. Hacking TimePalette used to be a guarded process in the past, but From Software now utilise the SPULisp language to interact with the level data, so it was just a few more steps to fully reverse-engineer the PS4 core code execution used to render Bloodborne.

The critical finding was the frame-counting AICPU.PROCESS_DRIVER and IPU.PROCESS_DRIVER structure. While Bungie/Activision implement the handling of frame-counting at the C++ level, the From Software approach is at the assembly level because it allows for faster recovery in the event of a corrupted frame-counting routine.

So while Bloodborne may appear to be an ideal candidate for a 60fps mode, From Software's approach was actually adopted so that the game could run without failure if a frame were lost. Much of the current 30fps implementation is actually implemented in an ASM sub-routine called IsisSAM/AISI.ASM and ISAM isn't actually calling a frame or anything; it's just setting the frame counter so that the next frame is rendered accordingly. The problem is that the frame rate needed to be kept high because of the reliance on interrupts and FMUs, so the game would discard too many frames if left alone.

In testing, McDonald had discovered a way to execute code without triggering an interrupt, but some of his findings revealed that one of the critical functions that supported interrupts was being called twice in quick succession. McDonald did the right thing - and used this to work out how they work.

At this point, the key was in the structure that showed the next frame time for each frame - which would be the value we needed to manipulate to get a full 60fps buffer and to switch from 30 to 60fps.

She is particularly interested in the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physicians and their patients. She is currently studying the effect of social isolation on physician wellbeing. She has also presented on the percentage of female practicing physicians in Ontario. d2c66b5586

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